What's in your hanger? Part Deux

Way the heck back in April I asked the question "What's in Your Hanger?"  It's hard to believe that almost four months have passed since then, and that so much has changed in those four months.  April was right smack dab in the middle of chaos for Rixx, moving around, defending Providence, blah blah.  So the hanger wasn't as fully stocked as I like to keep it.

But now, being back in DION for almost two months, I've had time to get organized and re-stock the hanger.  And while some ships remain un-flown, like the Cynabal in the picture - nine more days until Medium Projectile Turret V!!  Others that I've owned or wanted to fit for months are finally ready.

I've also decided that I will be splitting my fleet into two parts, a Zero Space Fleet and a Low Sec Fleet.  It becomes obvious which ships are more zero than low and vice-versa.  So without any more boring explanations, here is what is currently spinning in RJ's hanger:

Rust Belt and Lick Rust: My brand spanking new Jaguars!  (If anything Minmatar can be said to be new, but new to me!)  I love this ship already and I just started flying them this week.  No kills yet, but yesterday I ate through Angor's Taranis like it was made of butter.

Serious Business:  If you read the last WIYH post you already know this is my Drake.  (Not the HAM Drake that kilt Nashh, that is still up in Empire.)  This one is the fleet HML Drake I always have on hand.  Damn thing just keeps getting better as my skills get better, almost 100k EHP with super high resists.  Damn.

French Suk:  (Long story on the name!)  This is my Domi.  Spider tank gang set-up, all neuts and cap tranfers and remote armor reppers baby.  Almost 120k EHP loaded with heavy ECM drones (I can't fly sentries or Ogre IIs yet, so I'm the designated ECM guy).  9 of these babies spider-tanked together is hell on wheels!

BANGA BANGA:  This is my blaster Megathron.  And Dead Rabbit is my sniper Mega.  Funny how long I trained to get these both T2 fitted and they've been sitting in my hanger ever since.  Oh well, they're there when I need them.  And they are badass.

Inglorious:  I promised myself months and months ago that I would never, ever buy and fit up another Scorpion - but here it is.  It is so hard to resist the new design and I am extremely skilled in ECM so I have one, but this time it is not fitted the way other people wanted it fitted - it is fitted the way RJ wants.  So there.

Rough Slix: This is my awesome, seldom flown but kick butt anyway, scary it's in local Rook.  Rook's rock.  But I hardly fly it anymore.

Terrapin:  This is my pride and joy, bastard killing, super sexy Nighthawk baby.  You see this you die. 'Nuff said.

Crazy Jane: My probing, cloaky, quick transport is needed Buzzard.

Devil Dog:  My fully fitted and ready for T2 Guns Cynabal.  Just look how sad it looks in the picture.  Nine more days baby.

Bullseye and Murdock: My two Daredevils, one close-range and one longer-range fitted.  I chew you up in these.  And yes, they are both named after characters from the Daredevil comic book.

GIGER:  My shiny new Dramiel.  What more do you need to know?  A Tengu ran from it.

Don't Cry Momma:  Lol, I don't know why but I felt like Elvis fitting this nasty Autocannon Merlin yesterday!

Bugger All:  I've had this Firetail since maybe March, it was even mentioned in the last post, but now it is fully fitted and headed back to low-sec.

And Cheese is my HAM Cerberus and Numb Nutz is my HML Cerberus.  I honestly don't care for the Cerb very much, but both of these came to me almost free so I have them if needed.  They are fine for very specific types of fleets that hardly anyone flies anymore.

Zipperhead is my Ares, super fast gang tackle with long-point.

#27 is my Crow, small gang sorta fast speed but insta-lock point.  (I've lost 26 Crows!)

Mad Max is my tough little Ranis, for badass, on fire, nasty tackle with attitude.

Rottin' Bastard:  Is my uniquely fitted anti-ship Manticore.  GIven the right sneaky situation this thing is deadly, un-cloak in the wrong situation and this thing is a death-trap.  Life on the edge.

Division Bell:  And my big toy, super expensive shiny bad ass Tengu, which is not paper-thin fail cloaky fitted btw, it is hard ass tank and dps fitted.  So watch out.

I also have 3x Hurricanes waiting to be fitted up once the current skill is finished.  Very shortly the world is going to open up to a whole new batch of ships, Vagabond, Sleipnir, Muninn, Huginn, and the Rapier will all be available at the same time!  Thank goodness some skills are multi-racial.  In about a month my options are gonna explode.  Exciting times.