In celebration of the upcoming one-year anniversary of EVEOGANDA I am pleased to announce the long-awaited sequel to the very successful DEATH RACE 2010 - DEATH RACE: BATH OF BLOOD!!

Details will be forthcoming after the Holidays, specifically the very first week of January.  The race itself will be held either in late January or early February, the final date will also be announced in the first week of January.

I'm announcing the race now to give people time to consider sponsorships and support of the race.  And also to give anyone that wants to participate the heads up - this is not the same race we had the first time out.  Fair warning, this version will be much more Death and a little less race.  Some of what that means will be revealed and some of it will wait until the race is underway.  But I can assure you this much, I learned a lot from the first race and that knowledge has been put to good use.

BATH OF BLOOD is not just a name.

That is the sum total of information I am prepared to give.  Last time I gave out over 6 BILLION ISK in prizes and I suspect this time it may be even more.  So anyone that is interested in sponsoring the event needs to contact me at  Sponsorships are first come, first served and I am willing to discuss any details you might like to discuss.  But I will not turn away any sponsors.

As before the race will be supported by Dissonance Corporation, the best darn Corp in the game!  Other than that, I leave the rest to your imagination.

And no, we will not be accepting applications until after the official announcement.  At that time the official in-game channel and other materials will go live once more.

Be afraid my friends, the BATH OF BLOOD is coming, are you man enough to survive?