Da Free Boot Awards

My fellow Eve Blogger Seismic Stan over at FREEBOOTED has been a regular stop for me since my first days on Eve.  Today he posted his "The Free Boot Awards 2010" and handed out some great recognition to a bunch of people and work that benefits the Eve community, a crowd that I personally appreciate each and every day.

I'm honored to have been mentioned amongst such company and can only second each and every mention, without some of the contributions and work represented Eve would be a much darker and less fun place.  Take a moment and check out the full post when you get a chance.

He won't say it himself, but FREEBOOTED is also worthy of recognition and SS is certainly one of the pillars of this crazy community of ours.  So continued kudos to you m8.

Here is what he had to say about this here blog:

"Throughout 2010 the renowned EVE Blogosphere has slowly been getting a makeover. One by one many EVE blogs have become significantly easier on the eye by virtue of the artistic talents of one man, Rixx Javix. If ever EVE develops to the point where there is the opportunity to customise ships, he would be the go-to-guy for a spray-job. The Free Boot for Best Blog Artwork goes to Rixx Javix at EVEOGANDA. He is also a prolific and witty EVE blogger."

And on the Death Race:

In a virtual environment where everyone seems to be out for themselves, or indeed at least out to undermine everyone else, organising anything in EVE is no easy task. So any kind of large player-organised event is truly a remarkable achievement. It shows that the individuals behind the events have a true understanding of the society in which they operate and have tapped into the psychology of the community to create a concept that is embraced. So in a society of virtual thieves and murderers, the recipient of this next award should be very proud. The award for Best Player-Organised In-Game Event goes to Helicity Boson for Hulkageddon III: Sumer of Gank. With an honourable mention to Rixx Javix's Death Race. I look forward to hearing more about the 2011 editions of both.

Well, we've never won an award before.  Funny, he doesn't mention anything about prizes.