"A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature."

I am looking for 30 pilots.  Thirty experienced, skilled, active pilots who are interested in constant fighting, small gang warfare, and in becoming the Soldier Elite of the Black-Mark Alliance.

I am looking for 30 men.  Men of honor who prefer to be un-docked when they are in space and not sitting around spinning.  Men who fly towards the enemy and not away from them.

I am looking for 30 minds.  Thirty pilots who don't need to have their butts wiped by their leader.  Who understand how to function alone, in a small gang or in a large fleet.  I want smart, intelligent pilots who know game mechanics like the back of their hand.

I am the CEO of Lucifer's Hammer and I am looking for pilots to forge a sword together.  To build a tight knit group of killers to help defend and build a new Alliance in lawless space.  This will not be your Father's Corp.  I am not here to hold hands and sing songs.  We will fight and die and kill.  We will drink heavily in station the few times we are in station.  We are NOT looking forward to Incarna, because we cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would want to be in station!

If the above sounds like I was talking to you then join LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel or send me an Eve Mail in-game.

Specifically I am ONLY looking for active players in both the EU and US TZ with more than 20m skillpoints.  The Black-Mark Alliance is growing daily and is active in both timezones.  We have logistics support, forums, killboards, teamspeak servers the whole ball of wax.

And you'll be written about on Eveoganda!  Plus have pretty cool graphics.

Recruitment is OPEN to 30-40 pilots and then it will close.  After that we will only add pilots when a slot becomes open.  We are not looking to become the biggest, only the best.