Daredevil Down

It was starting out to be such a good day.  Managed to kill an old Providence m8 in an Arazu earlier, and then solo'd an Incursus later on out in low-sec.  I didn't mean to solo him, but he started shooting me and I couldn't wait for my Alliance m8s to show up.  Just three of us having some fun.

While we were waiting on the stupid GCC to time down we kept scanning the belts and whatnots for other targets of opportunity, why not right?  What else are you going to do while waiting?

A couple targets manage to get away before we can point them, including a Thorax with Warp Core Stabs on... honestly I don't understand why people fit those?  And really, are Thorax's good for ratting in?  They must be, there are so many of them.

Finally Angor scans down an Enyo in one of the belts.  Before you know it he has him locked up and we're warping to help him out.  The Enyo is a tad more challenging than the Incursus, but for a Taranis, a Daredevil and a Manticore it shouldn't be too much trouble right?

My first hint that something was wrong happened just as I landed.  Already Angor is saying over Comms that he is in trouble.  The Enyo only has one drone out, so it isn't that.  Figuring I'll lend a helping hand and take some of the heat off, I do my business.  Now Angor is saying his mods won't activate, I wonder what he means as I notice mine won't either.  Sure the guns are working fine, but nothing else is.  By this time Angor's ranis is dust and my DD is already mostly thru shields.  The order goes out to disengage, even though the Enyo is half into armor, I start to burn away.  But lo and behold nothing is working now, not the guns, mods or anything.  So, seeing my ship is somehow doomed, I align towards a celestial and start spamming the warp button.  So I should be safely on my way right?  Not as such.

The only time I have ever been podded in low-sec is when some smart-bombing BS is sitting on a gate and manages to catch me and that's only happened once I think.  Sure you get podded in Null with bubbles and whatnots, but low?  Hardly.

It's a puzzler.  I made a crack on Battleclinic and got trolled for it, as I knew I would.  Whatever.  The facts are still the facts, mods not working isn't normal and that is the fact.  Getting podded while properly aligned should also not happen.

Funny that I posted earlier today about "good fights" isn't it?  And here I came out on the side of undocking and getting busy.  Well I bought and fitted a new Daredevil, ran four heavy gate camps and two lame attempts by a Sabre to bubble me, and got it safely back down into Syndicate.  All with some tasty faction mods in the cargo to boot.  My mods worked just fine by the way.

And, if anyone thinks that I am a sore loser, I'd be more than happy to work out a proper 1v1 with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  As always.  Fly safe.