Pilgrim Down

Sometimes the planets align perfectly.  Considering just how much trouble these continuing "bugs" have caused me lately, I could use some aligning.  ( I missed the point on a Firetail yesterday for no apparent reason, except the overview just wouldn't let me lock him.  2,200 scan res!?  Oh well. )

So we're forming up a small gang to go have some more fun late yesterday.  Ships are rallied in one of our POSes and I'm outside station making yet another spot.  I had decided to bring my Daredevil on this roam.  It's a good ship and I hadn't really flown it at all since we left the Spire late last year.

Suddenly the call came over Comms that a Pilgrim had landed at the POS, attracted no doubt by the Cyno that the Alliance had lit.  Angor rushed to get tackle in his Taranis and I warped as fast as I could to the POS.

It isn't often that everything works out as textbook as this did.  The only drawback was that Angor lost his Ranis in the fight.  I had never flown the DD against a Curse or Pilgrim before and it was good to see that the Energy Drain I have in the high slot kept my guns and my point running even when the bastard drained me off all my cap.

I had also forgotten what a shredder the little ship can be, even arriving late to the fight it managed to get the most damage.  I enjoy flying all my ships, but there is something about flying the small, fast ones that is especially thrilling.

Anyway, sometimes the planets align perfectly.