Wanted Man

I took a bit of a break from Eve the last few days.  Much needed taste of real life and mostly a moment to take care of some things that needed taken care of.  But right before the break I did manage to get myself one of those nasty red WANTED things on my portrait.

It has been well over a... I was about to say a year, but it is actually closer to two years now, since I last had one of these.  Rixx hasn't been much of a "pirate" in his career, although never one to shy away from engaging pilots in low-security space certainly.  Most of his time is and has been spent in Null Space fighting wars over sov and killing Alliances, stuff like that.

So what changed?  Nothing has changed exactly, but now that we are in Syndicate low-sec isn't that far away.  And since we don't have lag wars to fight over Sov, we have more time to have some fun.  And taking small groups of us up into low-sec has been great fun so far.  So while actually being a pirate might be against the general flow of Rixx's career, killing said pirates isn't.

Once it was pointed out in our merry little gang that it would now be possible for Rixx to have a bounty on his head, it wasn't long before someone was nice enough to put one on it.  That is a sign of just how loved I am I guess.

Speaking of low-sec and bounties, it has never been as obvious to me as it is now that the system needs fixed.  I think it would be much, much better if the bounty system applied to ship and not pods.  It would encourage Bounty Hunting as a possible career choice and would also eliminate much of the sec status issues that pirates face, since it wouldn't be necessary to kill a pilot's pod to collect the bounty.

This seems screamingly obvious to me and should be addressed.  It would go a long way towards making low-sec a much more vibrant and fun place to be.