Straight Talk

Lots of crying and tears around the neighborhood over this piece of Dev Bloggery.

Typically I try to stay out of this stuff as much as possible, especially when it is still early.  So many people are talking about it and things need to settle.  I do have an opinion.  Actually I have two.  As usual they are the Player Me, who is writing this post right now - and the Rixx Me who is sitting in a Station somewhere in New Eden waiting to undock and kill things.  Sometimes people forget that there are two people here and they both have very strong opinions about things.  So here we go.

Player Me (RL)

I think this change is minor but at the same time fundamentally powerful if it continues to develop.  I think it is about time that Null Space started being treated in a nuanced fashion instead of as one huge bloc of space.  Setting this in motion based on true-sec standings is an excellent way to do it and uses already established measurements.  Yeah.

On its own it will shake things up a tiny little bit, but in no way as much as some are crying about.  People will adapt and change a few things here and there.  However, if this is only the beginning (which CCP hints at it being) then things could get more interesting.  What if Sov costs were based on True-Sec Standings?  What if other infra-structure materials would be?  Such as Jump Bridge Networks?

Interesting.  And we'll all just have to wait and see what happens.

Rixx Me (Eve)

Rixx Me hates coalitions and the blobs they generate.  So yes he is very happy about this news.  Anything that makes the carebears of the north unhappy makes Rixx very happy.  This didn't go far enough in his opinion and he hopes that those so-called Best Friends start ripping each other apart for the best systems.  How many of you are there?  Are you all gonna plex in  one or two systems?!?  I can see it now, 4,000 people trying to plex in the same system?  Muhahahha.

'Nuff said.