EVEOGANDA and Lucifer's Hammer are proud to announce Death Race II: Bath of Blood!  For those that participated in the last DR in 2010, and for those that missed out on all the fun, Death Race II will be bigger, badder and bloodier than ever!!

Death Race II will be held around the beginning of June, a final date will be announced next week along with the launch of a dedicated Death Race Blog for all information, sponsors, prizes, sign-ups and much, much more.

The last Death Race was held on August 22nd 2010 and 63 racers braved the wilds of Providence in a pulse-pounding race to the finish.  Over 6 BILLION ISK was awarded in both cash and prizes to dozens of participants.  This year we'd like to do even better, more racers and more prizes!!

So, if you'd like to be involved in sponsoring the event this year please let me know in-game or out.  This time around we will have a dedicated Death Race Blog that will serve as race central for the event and allow us the opportunity to properly highlight your sponsorship in a professional manner, with graphics and links!  Many thanks to our past sponsors.

For racers this event will be even better!  We learned a lot the first time around and we've spent some time building what will be an EPIC RACE to the DEATH!  This time the race will be longer!  More dangerous!  And more epic than ever before!  This will be the EVE EVENT of the Summer, so be sure not to miss it!

This post is a head's up, additional details, race rules and entry information, final date and much more will be announced officially next week with the launch of the Death Race Blog.

So stay tuned!  And start getting those ships tuned up for speed!