I got nothing.  The trouble with posting every single day you play Eve is that sooner or later, you run up against a blank wall.  The mind refuses to cooperate and pfft.

Like today.

I find that if I start writing, eventually something may worm its way out of my brain.  It may or may not be worthy, but that is always up to you dear reader.  I make no judgement calls on my own work, suffice to say I plod along and hope that - at least from time to time - I manage to entertain, inform, or anger someone.  Variations on that theme are certainly allowed.

So I will relate some stories from yesterday.

Earlier in the day I fitted up a Enyo.  Hadn't flown one in a long time and thought it might be more likely to get fights in it than the Ishkur.  People tend to run away from the Ishkur.  So I fitted it up, which I previously mentioned and undocked.  Right there on the Station sat a Cormorant.  Just sitting there not flashy.  Huh.  Could I kill the Cormmie before the Station guns killed me?  Only one way to find out.  I burned up to him and blasted him to bits, all while the Station gunners tried to kill me for doing it.  The Cormmie popped just as I started to enter structure and away I warped to a safe spot.  

Now this safe spot, far away from anything, turned out to be full of mystery.  In such a little ship as the Enyo you are kinda stuck until GCC is over, which is strangely still 15 minutes.  (I suppose CCP is still working on that!)  So I parked my Enyo into a slow burn even deeper into space and went away to relieve some bodily functions.  When I returned moments later I found my pod floating silently in space.  Wut?  Seems I was somehow killed by someone who had never killed anyone before and who did zero damage to me.  Now how did that happen?  And it wasn't even Monday.

So Enyo gone.

Vengeance time!  So I loaded up my Vengeance and went into a few systems to see if I could stir up some trouble.  I didn't have to go far.  Rifter on scan.  A couple of Rifters on scan.  And a Crow.  And a bunch of other stuff.  Time to warp around and use the d-scan, patience is a virtue y'know.  Eventually, cross warping, landing and dancing around the system, I managed to find one of the Rifters.  He was waaaay far away from me on a Planet.  I started burning and asked in local for a 1v1.  No answer.

This is the moment my spider sense started tingling.  Whenever someone just sits there letting you burn towards them, there are only so many possibilities: 1) They are afk, 2) They are stoopid, or 3) They have back-up coming.  I figured he wasn't afk, we'd been chasing each other.  Being stoopid is a value judgement and I had no opinion about that yet, which left 3.  The system was busy enough, so it was hard to tell what might be back-up and what was normal background clutter.  I kept my 360 going and sure enough, new ships appeared.  Align out just as the Crow and other Rifter landed.  Drat.

The Proteus and whatnot were not part of the gang after all.  Shouldn't have warped off.  I asked for a 3v1 in local and we bantered a bit about my blog and them not wanting to appear on it being killed by me.  Meanwhile I continued to use my d-scan.  Once again I found the Rifter and landed much closer than the last time.  Sure enough the Crow appeared and then the other Rifter.  I proceeded to kill the first Rifter, then the second, the Crow managed to get away.  It being so much faster than me.  Somewhere along the line Angor had appeared in system, so he warped in and whored on the one Rifter kill.  I was hoping he could help with the Crow, but nope.

They shouldn't feel bad about being on the blog, they fought and tried to kill me, which is more than I can say for most people out in space.  Well done and nice try guys.  Next time I may not be so lucky.

I sure have babbled on about nothing.  See, it works.

I went out again later in a two man Cynabal gang with Itsme.  We had a blast playing with 20 or so people on a station, they really wanted to kill us I guess.  We managed to pop a taranis that got too close.  We almost killed a Zealot a few times, once Itsme escaped with only 3% structure left on his Cynabal!

Our gang grew as we went and more Corp guys showed up.  Eventually my luck ran out.  As it always does eventually.  We were sitting on a gate, me in my Cynabal, a Cane and a Rupture, when a Caracal landed.  Again, lots of stuff in system but nothing active.  So the other two ships engaged him and I jumped thru to the other side.  Sure enough he jumped thru as well.  A quick d-scan showed nothing, so I engaged the Caracal, planning to kill him before the Gate guns got me.  Which is a sound strategy and a sure thing, unless you get landed on by two Drakes, a Maelstrom, a Thorax, a Nemesis and the original Caracal.  Suffice to say there wasn't much I could do except align out, try to burn away, and wait for my pod to appear.

I don't begrudge being killed by such blobs, not like some people.  Heck, in the same situation I would've done the same thing.  It is what it is, sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

Kill to death 4-2 isn't that great of a day, but points wise (31.13 - 2.32) I considered it a success.

Guess I had something to write about after all.