Dear CCP

Dear CCP,

During the last three years I've primarily been a Null Space guy, so Low Sec was just space that I'd sometimes play in.  But for the last four months or so, it has been my home. During this time I've noticed some really annoying things that you should be able to fix easily.

I'd like you to address the following changes PDQ.

First of all, and this is for everyone, please allow us the opportunity to op-out of your annoying "FREE Rookie Ship Program".  I really don't want or need a free rookie ship every single time I dock in a station with my pod.  It is a sweet gesture, but seriously, stop it.  It should at the very least be something we can choose to participate in or not, depending on our personal preferences.

This is mostly a Low Sec issue since I have to pod into Hi-Sec a lot.  Concord likes to blow us -10 guys up y'know.  So fix that please.

Second.  GCC should be five minutes long and not fifteen.  This is just silly and annoying.  Five minutes is more than enough time for all those industrial ships to scamper to safety before the evil pirates kill them.  And while you are at it, please get rid of the additional yellow countdown after the initial red countdown, good grief.  Stop treating us criminals like criminals for goodness sake.  Five minutes of spanking is enough.  Please stop hitting us.

And here is another easy fix.  Y'know how ships are color-coded?  Red, blue, yellow, orange, and colors like that depending on their sec status, affiliation and general bad attitude?  Can you please, pretty please with sugar on it, color code the gates? It wouldn't be difficult and would be extremely freakin' helpful.  I suggest blue for Hi-Sec, Orange for Low-Sec and Red for Null, but feel free to implement this change any way you'd like.

This way we can tell at a glance which systems are which, without having to memorize or open a map browser all the time.  In the heat of battle or in desperate attempts to escape, this could be extremely handy.

You guys are awesome by the way and thanks for building a super universe for us to play in.  Eternally grateful and all.  I have many more suggestions, please feel free to reference the "Gooder Eve" link at the top of this blog for more, but for now, these will do.  I look forward to seeing them in the next patch.

Rixx Javix

PS: You might want to consider the Scorpion treatment on some of your ships, seriously. Call me, I have specific suggestions.