> I've been told that this is Finals Week in many Universities and Colleges around the world.  Which would help to explain the lack of ships in space I suppose.  Last week it was Easter and Spring Break, and now this.  And before long Summer will be upon us.  Which is both a blessing and a curse, for those of us that have been through Summer before in Eve.

Interesting how the seasons and events of the real world affect Eve.  It is only natural of course.  

> I am also extremely interested by the types of ships used in Low Sec as opposed to Null.  On the one hand I have never used the variety of ships that I've been flying the past few months before.  I flew 19 different ships last month and 19 the month before, several of those different from each other.  On the other hand, there are only so many kinds of ships in which you can fly alone or in a very small gang.  If you fly the wrong ship people run away from you.

Sometimes people run away no matter what ship you are flying.  I was in an Ishkur this morning and another Ishkur kept running away from me.  He wouldn't even accept my 1v1 invitation in local.  So go figure.

> All these holidays and whatnots have really knocked my schedule off, so I apologize for those waiting on commissions.  I am back on track now and will be getting to you shortly, I promise.

Things are going well as far as Lucifer's Hammer is concerned.  Activity has been good, even with Spring Break and Finals and whatnots.  Hopefully it starts to settle again.  We continue to kick serious ass, 137-21 this week and up to #2,105 on BC.  Not bad at all for being just barely over three months old.  Most of that has to do with the quality of our recruits and their enthusiasm for playing this game.

We continue to look for the right types of pilots.  I'd like to reach our goal of 30 real pilots within the next few months and we stand at about 3/4 of that right now.  So if you're looking for a Corp of people that fight, kill and don't care how they do it or where, join LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel and let's talk about it.  Even if you aren't right for us, I can recommend some places that might be perfect for you.