I'm not going to beat around the bush here, we need moar Pirates!  We're only halfway to our goal and Lucifer's Hammer is hungry for the right pilots to join our merry gang.

What is the "right" pilot?

First of all the term "Pirate" is a bit misleading.  The most important thing to know about so-called pirates is that they are players that like to PvP.  In fact, they like to PvP so much that they are willing to give up a lot of the things that other players crave in order to fight.  We don't do much else other than fight.  

Pirates are also among the most creative players in all of Eve.  How you say?  It's easy to make isk when you are part of a huge blobby blue club like the Northern Coalition, heck isk is dripping off the rocks up there.  It is also easy to make isk when you have access to hi-sec trading hubs, but try it when you don't have access to either.  So how do pirates make money?  That's the creative part.  I don't want to give away all our secrets, but our members do very well for themselves in a wide variety of ways.  From mission running to trading to building and more, it isn't as hard to make a living as other people might have you believe.

The other thing about Pirates that isn't given much credit is the social aspect.  Even among enemies and fellow Pirates a sort of mutual respect society exists.  We share channels, intel and often form fleets together for fun and for defeating common targets.  The same pilot you fly with in the morning may be in your crosshairs that afternoon.  Can't say the same for those boring old Null Sec Alliances now can you?

Now let's talk specifically about Lucifer's Hammer.  Almost four months old now, we are undockers and fighters.  We support all forms of PvP, including solo!  (A lost art in many corners of Eve)  We operate daily roams, form ups and opportunities that happen quickly - like, "Hey guys, there is a Thanny in the next system, let's go kill it!"  Which happens more often than you might think.

We are mostly looking for those pilots with 20m skillpoints or more, but we have room for those that are younger but made of sterner stuff.  Several of our younger trial members have already become full-time members.  The real point isn't the skillpoints as much as the desire, the passion and the commitment to fighting.

Check out our website and join LUCRH HAMMER TIME in-game channel to chat.  And if you have an entire Corporation that would like to consider playing with us, we are also looking for those to join our Alliance.

In the end ask yourself this question, are you having fun playing Eve?  If the answer is no, then maybe it's time you considered changing that.  We have fun playing Eve every day.