Narwhals Ate My Duck

Next to fighting spaceships and running the coolest Corporation in Eve, working on commissions is the most fun I get to have.  I really enjoy not only the work itself, but also the chance to meet and help so many different people.  I know I am horribly late on my project list, but I am trying.  As always I can assure you that you'll receive my best efforts and sometimes that takes longer than I expected.  Life is a bitch and with a large family, work and everything else to deal with... well, y'know.

Anyway.  Today we are talking about Narwhals!  The good folks at Narwhals Ate My Duck, a crazy bunch of nutters who live in those Wormhole things (I dunno), asked me to create an Alliance logo for 'em.  And maybe a Wallpaper.  Well now, how could I say no to that?  Just the name alone meant I had to have something to do with it!

So the in-game icon was a blast to create.  Originally I thought I'd try something more symbolic, representational, but despite some cool paths it just didn't work.  Then I happened upon this sketch I had done years and years ago, a series of clipart icons I had designed for the National Geographic Magazine believe it or not.  Hey, I am not above re-using and recycling my art.  The series was about whales and sure enough there was a Narwhal among them.  I cleaned it up a bit, rotated it cause the Alliance name does happen to be plural and the rest you can see for yourself.

The Icon in-game

Then it was time to create a wallpaper to celebrate the new logo.  Here I was a tad stumped.  Sadly I haven't spent much time in the Great White North, so my supply of available Narhwal photos was a tad... well I didn't have any.  Nor illustrations, nor napkin sketches, nor nothing.

Luckily I have resources.  I found surprisingly little in the way of Narwhals, but I did find this awesome photo that just might work.  It took some doing but I think it turned out pretty kewl.  I did a bunch of different versions for them, and these are two of them.  Feel free to download and enjoy them yourselves.

Narhwals Ate My Duck Wallpaper

And a more "grindhouse" version:
Narwhals Ate My Duck [GRINDHOUSE] Wallpaper