Perfect -10

I finally reached another milestone yesterday, after a week of hovering at negative 9.99, I finally hit the perfect -10 on my character sheet.  It took some work, as I needed to kill and pod a lot of people to get there!  6 pods killed just yesterday, I was beginning to think the damn thing was stuck!

Apologies to those that got in my way yesterday, nothing personal, but when you have a goal you are trying to reach - well, some people have to be sacrificed.

Special thanks to Commpot, whose Stabber and pod were the ones that finally clicked the numbers over to the bottom.  And a special shout-out to byExpert for sharing.

There might be those reading this that are saying to themselves, "Well there he goes, like this wasn't predictable."  They are partially right of course, once I started down this path this was inevitable.  But those that poo-poo are missing the bigger picture here.  Much of that bigger picture has to remain hidden, but I can tell you this much (and for those that read regularly this shouldn't be a surprise), I don't do things half-assed.  I never have and I'm not starting now.

So be aware that this path is more than just another tale of a solo pilot turning pirate.  If you think that, then you really need to start thinking bigger. If you think that, then you really need to start thinking... period.  This path has always had more to it than that simple tale.  How much more?  Well that remains to be seen, nothing is written in stone.  The future has yet to be written.

We make plans, we formulate strategies, we try our best, but in the final analysis none of us know what tomorrow holds.  Just ask those Rapture people what happened on Saturday.  Hoping and wishing doesn't make it true.  The crazy prophets make their plans and strive to make the future adhere to those plans, no matter what happens.  The visionary knows that tomorrow, no matter how much it might change, is adaptable because of those very changes.  The path rolls on.

I can't tell you exactly where Lucifer's Hammer is headed.  But I can tell you this, just look at where we've been.  Look at the past, the part that is now written in stone.  We are building something here that is very special, our own culture, our own forged in blood mentality of unbridled FUN.  And we're being extremely successful at it.

Months and months ago I told you that would happen.  That I hoped it would happen.  And here we are.  That doesn't make me a prophet, or a visionary, it just makes me determined.  And that is what reaching the perfect -10 means to me.  It is an outward sign of that determination.

So what next?  I guess we'll have to discover the answer to that one together won't we?