Top 10: Most Frustrating Things About Eve

Welcome to a new feature here on Eveoganda, the Top 10!  Today we'll take a look at my personal Top 10 Most Frustrating Things About Eve.  Tomorrow we'll take a look at the Best Things About Eve.

These are in order, from what I consider the most frustrating to what I consider the least of the most frustrating, but still extremely frustrating.  They could be in any order, but this is the order they are in.

Dying to another player is part of the game.  But dying because of lag or a failure of game mechanics tops my list of the most frustrating part of the Eve experience. This happened to me yesterday, I knew my ship was doomed so I was prepared, aligned and spamming the warp button.  No lag before I exploded, but plenty after.  Once I finally gained control of my pod I was already pointed.  This, in my opinion, ranks as extreme frustration.

It is cliche to rail against the "blob", so I'd like to take a different tack.  Large fleets are part of the game, but when you warp your Battleship into one of them, is it right to expect instant death?  I'll have more thoughts on this later, but dying before you can even activate your mods is silly in my opinion.

Spying, stealing and other types of shenanigans are all part of the game and I don't have an issue with any of them. But local scammers are frustrating and not necessary to anyone, plus they can be extremely... well, frustrating.  I've only been scammed once back when I was a Noob, but I know plenty of others that have been.

We need more for these people to do, or we need to eliminate the play-style in my opinion.  Faction warfare is dead so these people have nothing better to do than fly around in huge blobs and ruin low-sec.  How you say?  When a huge FW blob is around everyone docks up, so there isn't anyone in space to play with.  Fix FW or kill it.  That's my opinion.

Eve is a commitment, we all understand this, but it also takes a lot of time to play.  Often we only have available play-time in short bursts and there really aren't many choices when that happens. The result is station or gate camping for most people, or spinning in station.  Often most players choose not to play Eve.  That's sad.  Personally I think the Thunderdome idea is the best solution for this frustrating issue, but that's me.

I've been saying this since I started playing Eve and I won't stop saying it until they fix it, it is extremely frustrating that I can't look out of the station!  They don't have windows in the future?!  I know they do, cause I can see them on the station when I am outside!  So why can't I look out and see what is hanging around out there?  Sheesh.  Maybe Incarna will fix this annoying issue.  And maybe it won't.  Be a lot less station camping.  And that would be better for everyone.

This is very frustrating.  For those of us that run Corporations or Alliances the level of control and how those controls are organized is a constant source of frustration.  Just the simple act of assigning roles, removing roles, organizing roles or doing anything else with roles is arcane and complex.  And that is just one aspect!  They've done a lot to make the system better but they haven't gone far enough in my humble opinion.

Personally I think it is stoopid that I can only train one character at a time on any one account.  I have two other character slots that are mostly useless UNLESS I buy another already trained character, or I stop the training on my main character.  This is frustrating and stoopid.  In my opinion, eliminate one of the available character slots but allow me the ability to train both my characters at the same time.  Done.

Few things frustrate me more than cowards.  This is a hard concept to get across in such a short paragraph, but bear with me.  I'm not talking about running away from a blob, or a guy who is clearly older or more experienced than you, that isn't cowardly.  I'm talking about running away from a fair fight, I'm talking about getting into a fair fight and then bringing your buddies along to make sure you kill the guy who started the "fair" fight.  There are other examples, but they are all symptoms of cowardice.  You all know who you are.  And I hope every last one of you chokes on it.

Frustration itself is very frustrating and I don't see the need for it, but there it is.  I'd like to see it eliminated, but the only person that can do that is me.  Frustration is a personal experience and it varies from person to person.  Personally I find it frustrating that I can fly thru low-sec for two hours and not find a good fight, others may not feel that way.  And so it is with Eve, one man's anger is another man's treasure, or something like that.  I think you get the idea.

Tomorrow we take a opinionated look at the best that Eve has to offer.

What are some of the things in Eve that really frustrate and annoy you?