Zero Hour Alliance

Between and within and without the pressures of real life, job, family and the goings on within this crazy ass "game", social engine we call Eve, somewhere within all that I have a metric shit-ton of commission work on my plate.  I have to say this about those that have asked for my help, they are a patient lot.  And that patience is well appreciated by yours truly.  I can't begin to explain just how much.  For my part, I am plunging through it.  As always, every piece gets the same level of attention and I don't cut corners no matter how much I should.

I recently completed a couple of pieces for an Alliance called Zero Hour.  They being an anti-pirate Alliance and all, had no effect on my work.  As always, outside the context of virtual space, we are all the same in my humble opinion.  Heck, mostly in space as well.  At least until I see you in local.

Anyway, these misguided pilots needed an Alliance logo to get started.  

I think the logo has a nice WW2/Propaganda Style mixed with Tech, kind of look about it.  I also like how the Zero plays within the design in the middle of the wings, the evil red science fiction eye denoting a certain intelligence.  And yes, I do think about these things.

Zero Hour Alliance Art

Good luck to Zero Hour and thanks again for being patient, I hope it was worth the wait.

Now, on to yet another Alliance logo and the remaining list.  Hang in there, I will get to you all.