The Big Lie

Capsuleers of New Eden, hear me and be warned, YOU ARE LIVING THE BIG LIE!  You are nothing more than cybernetic neuro-transient nano tech and nothing more.  YOUR POD IS EMPTY!!

FOOLS!  How else do you explain immortality and sudden unreasonable expansion of consciousness across the light-years?!  You are not meat but machine!  You are living the BIG LIE imposed upon you by the Concordian dictators and encapsulated into your future by perpetual falsehood and institutional mis-informational lies, cover-ups and much, much worse.  Awake from your sleep before it is too late.

On the day you became a Capsuleer you died, your flesh cast aside and discarded, your SELF imprinted upon silicon and neuro-pathways and linked into THE POD for the rest of eternity.  THINK!  Have you seen outside your pod?  Have you felt those limbs from youth?!?!  Do not trust your eyes, you do not have any!  You see with electronics and feel with the limbs of gun, missile and metal sinew, you breath the cosmic, but have lost the human.


You are soulless death, electronic echoes of a dead rotten corpse traveling thru time unleashing your death upon the universe within the blank spaces of space.  You are dead.  Your mind trapped in a complex inter-connected maze of crazy parts and breathing pumps, but as far from human as the worm is from being an Scorpion!  AWAKEN BROTHERS!

There are no "CLONES" you fools!  The vats are empty!  We have SEEN them with our human eyes, we have broken into the Medical Bays and risked it all for PROOF!  THE VATS ARE EMPTY!  Concord has lied to you!!  It is all a sham, a facade, you live within a Potemkin Village of LIES and DECEIT!  

ALL is LOST!  You MUST REPENT and be cleansed. Already many of your POD brothers have awakened and tossed aside the....

"Excuse me a second."

What do you mean?  "Walking in Stations?"

But, but that's impossible... the BIG LIE?  But sweetheart, this is my life's work here.... you can't be...

"I see."

Well then, pardon me.

Welcome to Incarna.  For good or bad, things will never be the same again.