Moar Tears

Eko Fromtv > Idiot...
Rixx Javix > muah?
Eko Fromtv > Yeah
Rixx Javix > funny your ship is the one that sploded
Eko Fromtv > I am doing missions stupid and I have nothing of value to you. Destroying unarmed transports sure makes you a great player!
Rixx Javix > thanks!
Eko Fromtv > You are welcome
Rixx Javix > I do try
Eko Fromtv > I can tell
Rixx Javix > oh AND your pod
Eko Fromtv > Indeed
Eko Fromtv > Feeling mighty soldier-ish yet?
Rixx Javix > winning
Eko Fromtv > lol'd

(Eko now undocks in a shuttle)

Rixx Javix > ahh no transport?
Eko Fromtv > Nope
Rixx Javix > so sad
Eko Fromtv > It is
Rixx Javix > please come again

Killmail. Sadly he was right in a way, he didn't have anything of value in there. Those Large Crates of Synthetic Oil were too big for my little ship. So I blew up the wreck so nobody else could use 'em. Seemed the right thing to do.


Eko Fromtv > RIxx
Eko Fromtv > What did you do with the item in my wreck?
Rixx Javix > i blowed it up, too big
Eko Fromtv > ...
Eko Fromtv > I can't finish my mission now, thanks a lot.
Rixx Javix > that is a serious bummer
Eko Fromtv > Yeah
Eko Fromtv > Enjoying yourself?
Rixx Javix > just thinking it sucks to be a carebear
Eko Fromtv > Must suck to be you then...
Rixx Javix > no i'm awesome
Eko Fromtv > Nope
Rixx Javix > i'm terrible at eve though
Eko Fromtv > I can vouch you are not =)
Eko Fromtv > ...but you are terrible at eve, granted.
Rixx Javix > yep i suck
Rixx Javix > u gonna undock again?
Eko Fromtv > My shuttle is too fast for you.
Eko Fromtv > Let me get a transport...
Rixx Javix > nah i can shoot shuttles, i just dont
Rixx Javix > pointless
Eko Fromtv > Lies
Eko Fromtv > You are just too slow, deal with it.
Rixx Javix > i have other faster ships if u wanna die