Next Steps

I started Lucifer's Hammer back up again back in January, so it has been almost eight months now. Starting a Corporation from scratch is hard and full of challenges, but over-all I think we've managed to meet those challenges head on.

Certainly this past Summer was the toughest challenge and the most unexpected. The crises with my son and spending nearly a month in the hospital put serious strain of RL and Eve. But despite some choices that weren't popular, we weathered that storm and I've been back in Corp now for almost three months.

In the meantime our focus has been primarily on the Burn Away Alliance and establishing a core group of like-minded pilots and Corporations. Personally I think we've managed to excel at that objective and our group is running smooth and professional now with the addition of Sinners and Warp Core. We also have another Corp joining us shortly.

A week ago I took over as CEO again. Angor has become increasingly drawn to spending his time in World of Tanks and we need a more active CEO. So that's me again. While Lucifer's Hammer was gutted over the Summer by the exit of nearly half our members, who followed two of my Directors into their old Corporation ( And yes, the hospital chaos had a lot to do with that situation ) it is time to now turn my attention to recruiting for Lucifer's Hammer and getting our numbers back up to 30-40 pilots. (We stand at 20 today)

At the moment Lucifer's Hammer is ranked #1,078 on Battleclinic and slowly climbing steadily every day, Burn Away is ranked #259 among Alliances btw and also climbing.

Now that the Alliance is running smoothly and becoming something I am extremely proud of, it is time to re-focus on building Lucifer's Hammer again. That is where you come in Dear Reader.  If you happen to be looking for a home that focuses on having fun in-game, that doesn't take itself seriously - but also flies professionally - then you might be interested in Lucifer's Hammer. As you can clearly see from our killboard we fly solo, small gangs mostly. However we also have the ability to take down a Phoenix every once in awhile.  So we have access to larger fleets when we feel like it.

We've built an excellent reputation and want to continue doing so. We honor all 1v1s and ransoms and we try not to suck more than we should. Other than that, we don't have any rules.

So if you are looking and you can at least fly a BC decently, join our in-game channel LUCRH HAMMER TIME and talk to me about joining and flying with us.

'Nuff said. Just do it.