Twitter Tuesday: Twits from the Tweetfleet

Sometimes when a Tuesday rolls around I have to ask my fellow Tweetfleeters to hit me up with any questions they'd like, serious, silly or just plain stoopid.

They never let me down.

If a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil causes a hurricane off the coast of Florida, why don't we squash all the butterflies?

This isn't the first time this idea has surfaced, in fact it was the Aztec advisor QuaqualoopieTek that first suggested this action to his King. The King found his logic to be logical and so ordered the systematic elimination of all Butterflies in the kingdom. If you are wondering how things went... ask an Aztec.

What would you do with the time you play EVE (and doing EVE-related things) if you stopped playing right now?

I'd probably finally get around to finishing one of the novels I'm working on, or that graphic novel I've been meaning to get done, or any one of a number of other projects that always seem to get pushed aside. Mostly though Eve fits nicely within my already packed, crazy, never stop for a moment life, so stopping wouldn't really change things all that much.

Do you prefer flying armor or shield Merlins? Do you still fly frigs at all?

I prefer shield Merlins.  I do still fly frigs, although my ship flying goes in phases and spurts. I typically have 50 ships fitted and ready to go and tend to fly certain ships until I get tired of them. About a month ago I was flying mostly frigates, but then started flying AFs, then Broadswords and Devoters, lately some Command Ships... it all depends. I have been tinkering around with some new Frigate fittings and will probably start trying them out shortly. Variety is the spice of life.  Frankly I don't fly the Merlin much, although I do have a couple fitted up, because the Hawk or the Worm is so much better.  Although harder to get fights with.

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

Real World - Always a tough one. It would be hard to pass up certain pivotal moments in our history, or ones that people tend to answer - like Christ's death. (Which would open a whole can of worms) But the past is dead and since you included the future, I would have to answer with any random moment from around 2,000 years into the future. When I think of how far we've come in the last 2k years a glimpse of 4,011 AD would tell you so much about where we're going. That would be very interesting.

EVE - There isn't really an event per se, but it would have been interesting to be around when Eve was turned on for the first time. The changes I've seen in just the past three years are amazing, I can only imagine what it would have been like to have been around since day one.

Why is it always @BuckyOhair's fault?

Ah, the Blame Bucky Temporal Quantum Conundrum (BBTQC) is a relatively little understood phenomenon that occurs when frankly anyone named "Bucky" is in close proximity to more than 5-7 people. This was first noticed during WW2 when several Privates named Bucky were blamed for the disaster at Dunkirk. This early discovery even found its way into popular culture at the time and resulted in the death of Captain America. Interestingly, several MIT scientists have postulated that the BBTQC effect works within the virtual world as well. I've written these scientists in regards to our own experiences with Bucky... hopefully I hear back from them soon.

If you had to join another corp in New Eden which would it be and why?

Right now if I was forced to join another Corp it would have to be The Tuskers. Having flown with and against them so much in the last eight months I've gotten to know them and respect them more than ever. They seem to be more closely aligned with my own personal feelings about Eve than just about any other Corporation around. Although there are several others that I would also have to consider, at the moment, it would be them.

Why is British Top Gear brilliant and American version suck hairy goat balls? 

As any intelligent, PBS watching human knows, anything said with a British accent is better than the same exact words said with any other accent, especially an American one. Funnier, wittier, more insightful, the British accent (in all its flavors) adds that extra "umph" to anything. Nothing proves this more than Top Gear.  Plus those little British cars are funny looking.