Art About Me for a Change

So I see this link on Twitter this morning that has my name on it and click thru casually, one never knows what might be on the other end of such a thing, and this pops up in the window!  Lo and behold it is a piece of art featuring none other than your friendly neighborhood blogger and pirate, or me as I call myself. ( in my head I sometimes call myself Studmuffin, but you probably didn't need to know that )

Said piece of brilliance was made by HighRezEVE, you can see his growing portfolio over on DeviantArt. The idea of producing art based on Capsuleers is a good one and I'm glad someone else is doing it instead of me. I am extremely flattered by this unexpected bit of awesome sauce and would like to thank HighRezEVE for the honor.

I will even mention that HighRezEVE does take commissions and will produce one of these pieces with you in the spotlight.  Details are on his DeviantArt page.

One just never knows what lies on the other end of a link. Sometimes it even turns out to be something quite awesome.