The Power of 100 Voices Wallpaper

The Power of 100 Voices: United Technologies of CreoDron

My fellow blogger and podcasting genius Arydanika is running a very interesting... hmm, what would you call it?  Sort of an open casting call for Eve Voices I guess. She is compiling as many voices as possible to produce a "Colors of Beneton" style commercial for the in-game NPC Corporation CreoDron.  Who happens to make drones.

You can learn more about the project by clicking over to her blog post.  Click right on thru the verification thingie, she doesn't bite.

I was so inspired by her enthusiasm for producing commercials and her creativity that I decided to create the Wallpaper Ad above in support. You can click on the image to download various sizes.

So go on over there and lend your voice! Go on. We should all have microphones, voice comms is mandatory y'know.