Rixx JavixX is fake

That isn't me. Although it does look like me a little.

Yesterday Ana was in Dodixie buying one of each of the new ships, plus fits and some assorted other things, for us. Once she had flown them back to Hevrice she went to put them up on contract. Imagine her surprise when someone else named Rixx JavixX ( the cap is mine, the character is Rixx Javixx).

He is even a member of a FAUX version of my old Corporation, Lucifer's Hammer.[LRUCH] - the dot and the scrambled call letters.  This was done on October 31st, so I have to appreciate the Halloween aspect.

I have no proof regarding who is responsible ( not that it really matters much tbh ), there have been several "Rixx Javix" lol clones since I started playing. I can remember nine, but I think there were a few more. So this isn't very creative. Sorry Lex. Plenty of others have trodden this same road over the years, from -A- to Ash most recently with his funny Rixx Javix Jr. character.

I know it is my former Corp member Lex because of the Bio. Pardon the language, I didn't write it and I suspect he was probably drunk when he did. (It is all in Caps, so I've taken the time to de-cappify it for you)

"My Butthurtometer is going into overdrive. God damn those blaggard Directors and their Corp member stealing skills. I hope they read my 100% legit Nano Drake Guide that I wrote even if it doesn't actually include any useful info and is a total copy and an awesome pro pvpers version (that is way better btw)

Further more I am so butthurt even my butts that are hurting have little butthurts growing on them like little butthurt pustules that hurt my butt"

The Nano Drake Guide he is referring to is HERE.

I admit to some confusion regarding the capitalization of "butthurt", so pardon me if I erred. I know Lex is behind the creation of this version of Rixx simply because of the reference to the Nano Drake guide. Apparently because Lex posted a similar guide on the Lucifer's Hammer forum he believes he is the expert on Nano Drake gangs. And that somehow I stole from him to create the brief guide that appeared on this blog Sept 31st.

The fact that I've been flying such gangs for three years doesn't seem to matter. Or the fact that lots of other people have also. Y'know, unknowns like PL, -A-, Co2, Goonswarm... people like that.

I am flattered. This obviously came about as a result of me calling him out on the blog at some point regarding his role in the death of Lucifer's Hammer and Burn Away. It is comforting to see the path that Lex and Cyber have managed to take since then has been so rewarding for them. Just to be clear I am joking here. Let's see. Targeted Aggression for five days. New Eden Renegades (the best Corporation Evah!), Kadavr Black Guard ( Sorry Nashh, but you can't say I didn't warn you), Kicked ( Back with my friend Itsme, shame that didn't work out) and now in Blue Republic. Nice track record.

Credit where credit is due. Lex is a great PvP pilot and I was proud to have him in my Corporation. We had a lot of great times together and his particular brand of insanity was tremendously entertaining, especially when he backed it up in space. 

But once again I apologize if my special needs child got in the way of your internet spaceship game. Because it didn't get in the way of mine.

Sometimes it rocks to have your own hugely popular and well-read blog.