Year End Gift

Every year I like to give Rixx a year-end gift that comes in various forms. Part one of the "gift" isn't a gift at all really, more of a long skill train that takes him thru the Holiday. Since the time around Christmas isn't usually one that holds a lot of play-time, it is the perfect time to plan a longer than usual skill.

Last year it was two skills, Propulsion Jamming V and Destroyer V on my way to flying the Sabre, Onyx, Broadsword, etc.  The year before that was BCV. This year took some thought and planning to determine which would be the best skill to train. There are many more skills now that need taken to the final V level. But I've always tried to make it one that leads directly to having more fun. Either in flying something new or in flying something better.

So this year it'll be the long put off Recon V. I kept putting it off because I wanted to focus on other things, like gun skills, drone skills and shooting stuff dead skills. Plus flying Recon ships like the Rapier, Curse and others isn't as big a deal in Pirate Land as it would be out in Null. Don't get me wrong, having Recon V is a HUGE deal. But lower on the totem pole than other skills in low sec.

The second gift is an actual gift. If I can swing it by Xmas, Rixx will finally be getting his Machariel. And there is no really good reason why this will happen. I don't need a Machariel and I probably won't fly it very often. But I want one anyway. Last year when I wrote this post I mentioned wanting a Machariel for Xmas and I didn't get one then either. I've put it off long enough, I want a fully fit and fully operational Mach in my stocking.

And, in typical American fashion, I can't afford one. Which won't stop me from figuring out a way to get one.