The Portal is Down

Back before you were born, our ancestors travelled to New Eden thru a massive Wormhole that came to be known as the Eve Gate. At some point, for reasons still unknown, the Gate closed forever and cut our people off from home. We literally could never go home again. Those podless, death limited freaks were cut off. Poor things.

I feel a bit like them today.

The Eve Online Bloggers Portal will be closing down at the end of the month, as reported over on Black Claw's blog The Travels of Black Claw.  My buddy Seismic Stan has already written an excellent post regarding this news and I encourage you to read it.

I'm not writing to cover ground already covered, so I won't even try. Mostly I just want to point out the stories and help get the news out to the community.

But the Eve Online Bloggers Portal is more to me than just another great Eve community service that is going to be lost to us. In many ways, it has become my home over the last three years. It was, next to CK's Eve Blog Pack, the way thru which I discovered the Eve Community in the first place. I spent the first year of my time in Eve reading other people's blogs before I decided that maybe I should start writing my own. And since day one, the EOBP has been open in my browser almost every single day.

It is my gateway and without it I'm feeling a bit like those schmucks that got left far from home when the Eve Gate crashed on them. Uh, now what?

Everything changes and I wish Black Claw nothing but the best. But as much as we all except the facts of change, the more resistant we become to the fact of change. We'll move on and try to re-start civilization somewhere, but it won't be as easy. Centuries of chaos may ensue.

Or not. Either way my life just got harder. The EOBP will be missed by me most of all.