The Tuskers Limited Recruitment is OPEN

You can discover the details by following this link. Everything you need is presented there, including information on requirements, procedures for applying and general Tusker information.

If you happen to be thinking to yourself, maybe I should join The Tuskers... then now is the time to actually do it.

I've been a Tusker for over three months now. And, all things being equal, I may be a Tusker for a long time to come. Regardless of my own personal path however, if you are dedicated to a Player Vs Player style of playing Eve - you really should consider becoming part of the Tusker family.

How do I sell this? Do I really have to? I won't bore you with the obvious. The thing is, it should be obvious. If it isn't, then you probably aren't Tusker material to begin with. That is not intended to be "elite" bs either. It just is what it is. First of all, the Pirate play-style isn't for everyone, we all know that. Second, the Tusker play-style isn't for everyone either. Focused mainly on solo and small gang performance, it is a tough, gritty, hard-scrabble life that demands certain things for those that choose it.

That doesn't make it better or worse than other play-styles, just different. For me it works extremely well. Tuskers are great people, I enjoy the attitude, the common swing, the general undock and go find a fight fu of it all.

If you are still with me, maybe it's time you considered it?