The Casual Eve Player?

For the last three months I've been shifting my play style in Eve. From dedicated and often-available fighter dude of awesomeness to a more casual, I only have 30 minutes to play, style. This has not been a very successful transition.

Yesterday I managed two hours in which to play Eve. I accomplished nothing in that two hours.

I'm seriously beginning to worry about the longevity of Eve within the cannon of my entertainment options. When Eve is competing with PS3, DVD/BluRay, Netflix, OnDemand, HBOgo, and the hundred other options available, including other computer based video games, it tends to come up a little short on the scale.

And you should know I am a HUGE EVE on-line fan. Obviously. Do I even need to speak to that? I shouldn't have to.

The days of me burning four hours waiting for a fleet to form up are behind me. I don't have a boosting alt, a scouting alt, or the option to dual box anything useful. I don't fly around with Snakes in my head, mostly because I am a poor pirate who hates making iskies in-game (more time wasted!), and I'm eliminated from probing because of all that mentioned above. So solo awesomeness eludes me for the most part, given that the above are required skills for such an activity.

Frustration mounts. I have ships in my hanger I haven't flown in almost a year. I like flying ships and I like exploding ships. That's it really.

So I remain frustrated at this point. Seriously trying hard to keep the bitter old vet at bay and maintain some entusiasm for a "game" that gives me zero game.

That two hours yesterday? I flew thru Verge, Black Rise and the borders of Caldari space in my Pilgrim looking for a fight. I would've attacked anything even remotely interesting or available. Nothing was. Nothing.

In a station, in a POS, in a mission, seems to be the order of the day in New Eden.

Sigh. I'm not giving up.