I've been having problems with the Intense Debate/Blogger comments for a few weeks now. Sadly I just didn't have the time to investigate the issue fully until yesterday.

I discovered that not only did Blogger change some things that made multi-national commenting an issue, but Intense Debate also had a new version available that supposedly corrected that issue. So I installed the new version of ID but it hasn't actually fixed the problem.

I switched to Intense Debate about six months after I started writing on the advice of a few fellow bloggers, and I've liked the system since then. The only bad thing was losing all of the comments on posts up to the original switch.  I just hope I'm not at that point again. I shouldn't be, since all comments are stored within the ID system and not locally within Blogger.

But for some reason the last post shows only 1 comment, and that one within the Blogger system, but there are actually about 14 comments on that post in the ID system.

Uh. So I'll keep working it until I figure something out. In the meantime, my apologies for any trouble this is causing anyone.