The Machariel Problem

I've been able to fly a Machariel for over two years now, but I've never owned one. There have been several moments over that time when I came close, but something always happened to upset the apple cart right before I pulled the trigger.

Yesterday I sent Ana up to Jita to buy some new ships and supplies, the first time she has been to Jita in over a year. And once more my fingers hovered over the "buy" button in regards to the Mach. It was then that I realized something...

I can't do it.

There are several reasons for this. The Mach represents a certain level of bling that makes me slightly uncomfortable. I certainly don't mind losing ships, it isn't that exactly. Although the thought of losing a ship that costs, unfitted, 1b iskies does make my skin crawl. And if I undock in something, I'm going to end up losing it eventually. That's just the way I play.

The only ship in my collection right now that comes close is Ana's Archon, which all fitted up and whatnot, certainly costs close to 2b iskie I guess. But I've had the Carrier for almost two years and it ain't lost yet. And yes, I have flown it into combat a few times. But not often. Ana is not a combat pilot.

That's because I live in low sec and have for the past two years. And the Mach is not exactly a ship you fly often in low. I've known people who have of course and guess what? They lost it rather quickly. 

I'm not a rich player. I don't run Plex, or mission, or rat. I play the market some, but not seriously. I also don't buy GTC or supplement my income by PI or anything else really. I have serious means in which I have to live.

The Mach currently represents a ceiling above which I am not prepared to take Rixx for now. Should the situation change at some point then sure. But for now, spinning one of these in my hanger just isn't going to happen.



  1. I have a solution for you. I live in null. It's much safer. I've not once lost my pve maelstrom as I am careful. You buy me a Mach. I'll rat with it and give you a cut. :-)


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