Minmatar V3

Caldari, Gal, Amarr sub-caps have now been given the upgraded V3 treatment, and generally speaking - awesome job!  However, in my humble opinion, the most important racial ships still await - the Minmatar.

The most important? Hang with me a second. This is purely from a design standpoint, "Trust in the Rust" is not just a random slogan, but an important key to the Minmatar "mythos" which is extremely important when considering re-design. Unlike the other three races, the Minmatar ships have a certain horribleness to them that is built deeply into the cultural background of both the race itself and the pilots that fly them. If you need more explanation than that, then I fear you've never flown a rust-bucket, tied together with duct tape, with your internal atmosphere slowly leaking into the vacuum.

Based solely on the few Minmatar ships that have already been blessed with V3 treatment, I have some major concerns about the upcoming re-do. And let me be clear to anyone from CCP that might be reading this: "Rust Colored is not the same!" Simply making the Minnie ships slick metal that happens to be rust-colored isn't going to appease anyone. In fact, it may completely alter years of dedicated and passionate feelings, lore, history and gosh darn fun.

Let me be extreme to make my point. When I zoom in on a Minnie ship I expect to see duct tape, small oil leaks spilling into space, vapor escaping seams in the hull plates, bones TIED to the hull, mismatched bits, stains ( maybe even blood stains? But stains all the same.), and general wonderful horribleness well-rendered and V3'd. Some of those might be impossible, but I said up-front I was going to be extreme to make my point.

While wingy bits are important traits of any decent Minnie ship, the underlying reasons for those solar sails are more important to the heart of what makes a Minnie ship special. The Minmatar ships are NOT just fancy Caldari painted a special Sherwin Williams Rust. They can't be.

In light of the other three racial ships, the Minnie ships stick out like a sore thumb now. The anticipation of their re-design is very high. And it is obvious why they were left till last, they will be the most challenging. The hardest to get just right, to perfect. That is perfectly understandable. And it was the right thing to do.

But don't screw this up. Remember the heritage and embrace it. Don't be afraid to add teeth to the Vagabond. Don't be afraid to keep the strange Pirate Ship back-deck on the Rupture. Embrace your Minmatar brothers and their struggle against tyranny!

The Eve universe will be better off for it.

PS: And if you want any outside contractor help, just let me know. I'm always available.


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