Posting As: Jester's Trek

[ Posting As is a new feature in which I will be writing a post in the exaggerated style of one of my fellow bloggers. Thus securing their eternal disdain and contempt most likely. This week's honor goes to Jester's Trek. ]

Inane Subject of the Week: Space

I'm gonna answer something I read the other day on Failheap Challenge. This quote was buried within a 172 page thesis on propagation of sub-cultural stereotypes within virtual worlds:

The inherent sub-issue within Eve is the coldness and absolute zero darkness that surrounds the game, in point of fact I find the issue of space to be a gross barrier to any enjoyment one might otherwise find

If you read the seventeen different references I made to the Eve forums in my last post you'll understand the context in which I am taken aback by this quote. But if you want even more examples, feel free to read the following threads on FHC, from Muckity Muck and Boogersnatch, because there are lots and lots to be found.

It would be wrong to assume that these increasingly vocal rants against the darkness and all-encompasing vastness of space itself are merely those of insane blowhards. Funnily enough, several renowed MMORG experts from the University of Scandalnavia have posited similar viewpoints:

Ah yes, the space issue. We have seen many instances were de subjects have... what you call, space sickness. Ya, the terrible affliction of disorientations, dizziness and feelings of de horrible inad...uh, ya know, where de feel terribly small. Dis is da serious business.

Indeed. Many have called this the beginning of the end. As more and more capsuleers fall victim to what Douglas Adams once said, "Space is very, very big." CCP has no choice but to respond. If this response is simply philosophical or more material in nature remains to be seen. Given their history of dealing with rock-phobias, jump nerves and ganker sores, I don't have a lot of built in belief that CCP's response will be worth a pile of beans. ;-)

It would be wrong of me not to mention an Alliance mate who is rotting away in a sanatorium somewhere due to this issue. He used to be one of RKs best FCs. Wherever you are mate, good luck!

Finally, I'd like to say that while the vastness of space has no affect on me personally, I am not without sympathy for those that are afflicted. And for now... that's all I have to say on the issue.

{EDIT 5/29/12: As several commenters have pointed out, space is not only big, but it is also mind-boggingly huge.}