Prober Hunter

Today I was out running around not getting any kills in my Vengeance when I stumbled on a system with just me and a Thorax in it. I did the usual scanning crap and finally determined that said tasty treat was parked at a deep safe.

I sat there wondering, now what?

My home station was right next door so I warped back to see if I could manage to fit up something with a Probe launcher on it. Y'know what? That is really frickin' hard to do. My first thought was the Pilgrim, figured I'd lose one of the neuts, but even with Recon V it is more complicated than that. By the time it gets on there, the ship is gimped pretty harshly. Maybe a Tengu? Same story.

Eventually someone in corp went out to see but the Thorax was gone by then of course. Thanks anyway Easy.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't think I should be able to just plop a probe launcher on any old ship and have at it. There has to be penalties involved and I'm actually ok with that. But can't there be another solution? And what would it be?

Many of you are saying "train an alt". I'd love to do that and I actually have three of them capable of doing that task, but sadly I can't really dual box currently. So I'm strictly a mono-box guy. So that won't work.

At its heart this is a solo PvP problem that no one in there right mind cares about. The game is built for people to play, not a person. Form up a gang and have a prober in, or standing by. Granted, that is usually how it works. But today I was alone, just out looking for a good fight that rarely happens anymore. And this came up.

I don't have a solution. Oh sure, I could say how about a Cruiser classed Prober Hunter ship for each race with 2 hi-slots for weapons and a utility hi built for a Probe Launcher. I could say that. I could also say that each one would be gimped in some way that balances the game, but also allow for the pilot to find and have a reasonable chance against some types of ships. Then I'd have to argue the other side and explain how unfair that would be, how it would throw the game outta wack and after all, why should the rare solo pilot get a special ship?

So I won't bother. No big deal. Just rambling and wondering out loud.