A Terrible Poem About Eve

Oh Eve
A Terrible Poem about You
by Stephon Antonio Javix

Oh Eve, I love you
You know it is true
You keel me, like you do
Steal my heart, from my can
Endure the Concord police
When you ran
Away from my desire.

Oh Eve, I need you
You know it is true
Your gate camps of love
In the morning dew
The Goons can burn Jita
But I will always
need ya.

Oh Eve, I want you
You know it is so true
You yellow box my heart
And set my status blue
Lob your missiles
And fire your guns
Did I tell you, you have nice buns?

Oh Eve, I despise you
You know that is also true
You tease me with your cloaks
And those nasty bubblies
The cake is a lie
And perhaps even the pie
But my love will never die
(Cause I am capsuleer, silly girl!)

Oh Eve, I worship you
Oh yes, even this is true
I have a Titan sized
hardener turned on for you
active tanked and cap stable
Oh baby, can't you see
We were made for each other
you and me?

Oh Eve, I am in love
You know it is true
They say you are cold
and mostly vacuum
But I feel your fire
in orbit around you
Come, be mine
What do you mean, you are just a game?
This is no game to Stephon!