Frill Seekers

Frill Seekers are those on Tweetfleet that support the return of the Vagabond's whatever you want to call it Frill/Ruff/Ears/Wings to the way they were before CCP circumcised them this week!

By the way, the forum post needs your support!

In support of the poor circumcised Vagabond, I started wearing this Tudor Ruff, or Frill, on my Twitter avatar. It is extremely silly, but also funny looking! And a visual way to let CCP know that we are serious enough to make fun of ourselves over the just cause we support.

It wasn't long before others wanted Frills of their own:

This one I did for Hilmar Veigar CCP CEO

However this all turns out, I'd like to thank each of these people for having the courage (or the stupidity, either way works) to wear something so insanely terrible out in public. The Vagabond can't speak for itself, but with these yahoos behind it, hopefully it won't have to.