Lunchtime Goons

Since the Vagabond has been circumcised of its manhood I've decided to only fly it during the week in celebration of its awesomeness. It is still awesome yes, even without its manhood.

This means some lopsided battles in my quest for solo kills, but what can you do? A Catalyst is still a Catalyst. And his pod still counts. Although, even for a noob, that is a horrible fit.

As soon as I kilt him I noticed an Imicus on scan at the station. Normally I wouldn't go running after an Imicus, especially with GCC, but then he threw up a Cyno and jumped in an Archon. Sigh, now I have to go kill that!  Which I did. Now with GCC already on me the station starts shooting me and hitting pretty hard. Normally that wouldn't be a worry, I'd just warp off somewhere safe. Except the dangly bits on the station have other ideas. By the time I untangled myself and warp off, I only have about 10% shields left.

The irony of the Vaga's missing Frill and getting caught in a station's dangly bits didn't escape me. All for a stupid Imicus cyno kill. But all ends well and I warp away to heal.

I return to Hevrice and dock up just as I notice a new pilot in local. A Goon pilot. My fellow Tusker Easy tells me he is in a Drake that just jumped in from Empire and he is in one of the belts. Easy being in a SB at the moment. I check my ammo situation and I'm out of EM, so by the time I load it up he is gone back to the safety of Empire.

So I undock anyway. Start warping around, thinking he may return. And sure enough he does. A few belt hops later and thanks to Easy's scouting, I tackle him and start killing him. I've been wanting to try my Vaga out against a Drake for a long time and finally have my chance.

But just then local spikes and two more Goons jump into local. A quick check of the scan reveals yet another Drake and a Vaga. Even I don't stand a chance against that, not in my own Vaga, even with Easy willing to provide more DPS if needed. So I have no choice but to align out and unleash the pack of ecm drones I've been holding in the drone bay. Sure enough, just as the other two idiots land I break point and warp away.

So fail. So typical of Goons everywhere.

It is an interesting coincidence given all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that are going on right now (sorry I can't really tell you more than that yet) that the Goons would suddenly show up in my system with only the two of us around.

Thing is, I don't believe in coincidences.