Frill Seekers Wallpaper

Frill Seekers Wallpaper
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Rixx spent the weekend risking his life following a lead into Jovian Space. The lead was murky and from an extremely unreliable source, but it had the spark of truth about it. The man knew things about Thukker Mix that normal men wouldn't, or shouldn't, know. He was mad certainly, but perhaps he was driven there by what he knew?

The only way to find out was to find out. Rixx decided to travel small and a Rifter was the obvious choice. Getting in and back out of Jovian space is no easy matter, fast, small and light seemed the only way. No room for weapon systems, the trusty Frigate was jammed with electronic survey equipment from the four corners of the universe. A needle in a haystack would be easier to find.

This was the last we heard here at Eveoganda HQ until this morning when our in-boxes dinged with the image above. It appears that Rixx has found the missing Vagabond "Frills" somewhere deep in Jovian space. From the attached note it appears he has evidence of a larger Thukker Mix conspiracy.

But details will have to wait, since all attempts to contact Rixx so far have proven futile.

Stay tuned.

Some people have written parody song lyrics on the forums and on other blogs, so here is one based on The Eagles "After the Thrill is Gone".

"After The Frill Is Gone"

Same dances in the same old ships
Some features that you just can't lose
There's no telling what a man might choose,
After the Frill is gone

The Vaga rises but it soon descends
Empty patches and a silent dev
You're not quite happy and you're not quite frilled
After the Frill is gone, oh,
After the Frill is gone

What can you do when your updates come true
And it's not quite like you planned?
What have you done to be losing the one
You held it so tight in space well

Time passes and you try to move on,
Half a parsec takes you twice as long
So you keep on flying for the sake of the game
After the Frill is gone
After the Frill is gone

You're afraid it might fall out of fashion
And you're feeling cold and small
Any kind of love without passion
That ain't no kind of lovin' at all, well

Same dances in the same old ships
You get too careful with the Stabbers you choose
you don't care about winning but you don't want to lose
After the Frill is gone
After the Frill is gone
After the Frill is gone, oh
After the Frill is gone