A Touch of Tears

Yesterday I logged into a system full of younger players and for the next 45 minutes I literally terrorized an entire system in my Sac. I chased, shoot at, bumped and scared into docking countless ships of multiple varieties. I had a blast. I was under GCC the entire time.

I only managed to get three real kills, but that wasn't the only point to the insanity. It was just one of those moments when Eve turns out to be incredibly FUN for a short period of time. I was laughing and having genuine and hilarious fun. How often does that happen?

Of course, one man's fun is another man's not-so-fun.

I got this eve mail afterwards:

From: Dragoneas Sent: 2012.08.12 16:55
To: Rixx Javix, your a fucking dick

So I wrote back only one word:

News flash, if you are going to rat in a belt with a Vexor with a -10 pirate in system... uh, you are going to die.

Eve is real. Deal with it.