Once more into the breach

"I can't keep my mouth shut.  People a few seconds away from beating me up have always told me that about myself.

So, what IS Eveoganda?  I guess the best way to describe it is... well, it's kinda like a magazine.  The kind of magazine that you have no idea what you'll be reading about when you pick it up, one article at a time, a weird sorta place to stop on your interweb travels, that hopefully puts a smile on your face, gets you thinking, or shaking your head, or maybe even laughing - either with me or at me, either one is fine."

- Eveoganda March 2010, "What IS Eveoganda Anyway?"


This is exactly the kind of post what gets me into trouble. I've written and deleted it four times over the past four days and it won't leave me alone. That is exactly the sort of thing that this blog was created for, and yet the same exact sort of thing that often gets me into trouble.

And by "trouble" I mean misunderstanding. Because truly all "trouble" begins with bad communication. So instead of talking about the actual trouble, I'm going to talk about the mistake that some people seem to make in regards to this blog. A mistake that often causes issues for me in-game and leads to some rather serious misunderstandings between myself and other pilots.

And that mistake is rather simple. Some people tend to confuse the person that writes this blog with the pilot in-game. They are not exactly the same thing. Sure, they share many of the same attributes, mostly deriving from the fact that they are both driven by the same 'user', but they are not the same person.

The person that writes this blog is different from the person actually playing Eve. One is writing about the game and one is playing the game. Those are two completely different things. It took some time for me to become used to the differences, so I can see where certain people are having some issues. So let me try and help.

Rixx plays Eve for one primary reason. He flys spaceships to explode those other people flying spaceships. He flies to win. By any means possible. His 'user' also enjoys the graphics, the camaraderie  of Corp, the challenges of fittings, etc. But Rixx in-game doesn't care one whit about purty graphics or the politics of CCP, or anything else to do with anything that doesn't involve exploding other spaceships. His 'user' often pauses and reflects on broken game mechanics, or politics, or something funny and says, "That might make a good post."

As I wrote way back in March 2010, I write this blog to entertain, inform and generally amuse myself. I don't write it to be popular, to make you happy, or to further some agenda that you think I should be furthering. I write about what interests me. At the time.

Rixx on the other hand couldn't give a rat's ass about what I write here. Sometimes it is about him and sometimes it isn't. But even when it is about him, it is written from the perspective of the user, the player, and not the pilot. ( With a few exceptions, I have sometimes allowed Rixx to write in first-person. ) 

This is challenging. I admit that the difference in these two things is often hard to grasp. And this is in no way intended as an apology for anything written in these pages. I take great care in what I write and every word is as true as I can make it when it is written. But it affects the game-play of the pilot Rixx Javix in no way at all.

This is the Sports Illustrated of Rixx's career in Eve. We often talk about other things, feature other players, write editorials, examine game-play issues, publish fan art, poke fun at things that need to be poked at, stir pots, and generally try our best to entertain the reader. But Rixx does happen to be the main thing. He is the hero of our story.

But in-game, Rixx just wants to explode things.