Frigate FFA: Aftermath


With nearly 2,200 ships destroyed and well over 150+ pilots participating ( an accurate number is tough since the event lasted for four hours and people came and went, but local stayed steady at around 150+ ), the Tusker FFA yesterday can be considered an unqualified success.

I was pleased to see pilots from all walks of Eve life participating and many, many "famous" individuals showed up. Through Newb Eyes did a nice write-up that I highly recommend.  I'm not going to do a blow-by-blow re-cap, but I will say a few words about my personal experience.

For me, my time was split. On the one hand I wanted to play and have fun with everyone and on the other, as a Tusker and a sponsor, I often needed to fleet up to police the event. Mix that with the usual weekend RL stuff that had to be dealt with and it was a crazy four hours.  But I did manage to play and I did manage to police some, although that never turned into anything serious.

I will say this, being "famous" during one of these things is not a benefit. At the beginning, me showing up in local meant lots of "Rixx is here!!" comments on Mumble and gangs of ships coming after me. This might sound like a complaint, so let me be clear, it was a blast! I enjoyed myself immensely and the entire thing was one of the best times I've had in Eve.

I saw many, many comments that expressed the same sentiment. I also saw several people getting their first taste of PvP in Eve, first ever kills, first ever losses, and many more firsts. For the most part everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoy themselves. The Tuskers had a few surprises up their sleeves, dropping loot cans, bringing out some BS for people to kill, and while I didn't have much to do with putting this together - I think it is important to recognize all the work my mates put into it.

Thanks to all the Tuskers involved.

This is Eve and we did have some rule breakers. Many people ganged up to kill helpless frigates, some Alliances that will go un-named put up link alts in local POS, we had some station and gate campers, and the usual whatnots. Those were all dealt with as well as we could. While Fweddit threatened to disrupt the event, that tuend out to be nothing really.

For my part I went 16-4 during the event. I will say that I could have done much, much better. But I was out to have a good time and not rack up numbers. I broke off a dozen or more engagements with ships obviously ill-equipped to fight me and I tried to only engage those that could. I also don't believe in just locking everything to get on killmails. But, again, this is just the way I play - nothing against those that think differently.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did.