Nashh Poo Poo Head

First it was Kaeda Maxwell announcing that he/she was quitting Eve and then this morning I log on to discover the same type of post over on my good friend Nashh's blog.

You should take a moment to read Nashh's post ( and Kaeda's as well ofc ) since he is planning to be out in a Carrier on November 4th to let us kill him.

Nashh and I go back to the very beginning when I first started writing Eveoganda. Along with CK and a few others ( most of whom have also gone afk! ) supported me from day one and encouraged me to write and be insane. We always talked about joining up in-game, but while our paths often crossed and we did manage to fly together often, we never did get the chance to officially join forces.

Back in 2010 I did fight Nashh for his Celebrity Death Match #22:

I won btw. Although he has beaten me a few times since then and vice versa. [ We are officially 2-2 against each other. Although to be fair Nashh holds a 2-1 advantage in solo fights. In addition to his Myrm in the video above, a gang of Tuskers I was with caught his Cane. Nashh on the other hand killed two of my crazy test frigates, an AC Merlin and my first ever Tormentor. ]

I even designed a Tattoo for him that he will be carrying around on his skin until the day he gets it removed I suppose. As well as other stuff, like his blog banner. Funny, both Kaeda and Nashh sport RJ designed banners... huh.

Both of these announcements hit me rather hard this week. Just last night I had a conversation with my oldest son about my commitment to Eve. Been a lot of changes in my life these past eight months and my family and I came extremely close to being pushed off the edge. It puts things into even more focused perspective and priority. Where does Eve fit into that going forward?

I just keep plugging away however. I don't pretend to have answers to questions that don't need answered right now. But as more and more of my Eve friends fall to the annals of time, it is a question that deserves some pondering.

Whatever happens, I sincerely wish both Kaeda and Nashh the very best. No matter what happens, or where life leads you, you will always carry a bit of Eve around with you.