1v1 EVE COMIC #54

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So far I'm loving Retribution.

The Tracking Camera has to be the best completely new thing in the game in quite some time. It adds a tremendous amount of versatility for such a small addition. Everyone by now knows how I feel about the Vagabond model and it is great to see the Frill returned, but on an even more gorgeous model!

I don't really understand the need for the safety settings, but they really don't impact me all that much. I fly without them anyway.

The timer icons are helpful. The new UI improvements are an actual improvement. I hope we can get rounded corners someday!

I don't play nearly enough for the new Bounty Hunting changes to impact me, but it will be nice to make a little extra isk here and there.

The improved sounds are amazing! I actually played Eve with the sound turned on yesterday for the first time in a very long time. Nicely done.

I tend to let expansions grow on me a bit before commenting, but my early impressions are extremely favorable. I just bought my first new Dessies today, so hopefully I can get a chance to fly them soon.

Lots of ships to re-fit, tweak and re-think. The Thorax and the Caracal seem like early winners, but we'll see how things shake down in space.

I'll have plenty to say soon enough I'm sure.