December to Remember

This month has been, in many ways, my best month in Eve ever. In over four plus years of playing Eve this past December has been an incredible experience for me personally. Mostly this has happened because the shackles of 15 minute Sentry Gun timers have been removed from me playing the game.

If you'd like some proof that this change that was introduced in Retribution means anything, just take a look at my stats this month. My previous highest kill month was last May when Lucifer's Hammer was at the height of its power, I went 118-22 that month.

So far in December 2012 I am 188-14. 78 of those kills have been solo. Due to my playing time constraints I've simply never been able to put up huge numbers before. And for me, those are friggin' HUGE numbers. 87 Top Damage and well over 60 pods! In a single month.

And it all comes down to the Sentry Gun changes introduced in Retribution. Now I can engage a target and move on to the next target without being trapped in a T1 Frigate for 15 minutes, or banned from Gates or Stations for 15 minutes or longer in some cases. This simple change has made a huge difference in how I can play the game I love. And I know it has meant as much to all Tuskers, we've passed 2,000 kills this month for the first time ever.

So to wrap up the best month ever, I thought I'd go back over some of the good fights, interesting fights and failures from the past month.

Condor Vs Merlin
Hey look, a well fit Merlin in a FW complex! This fight took forever. At 107 damage per second the Condor took a full 1.5 rounds of Light Missiles to break this Merlin's tank. The fight was never in doubt, his blasters couldn't touch me, but I spent the entire time worried someone else would show up. He got his LP by the way and I got my kill, so we were both happy.

Condor Vs Slasher
I actually jumped this Slasher while he was fighting a Rifter, but the Rifter ran off. The Slasher presents some issues for the Condor and it was a close fight, but the range control is the key and my Web got a real work out.

Sac Vs Thorax, Sac Vs Thorax
I mention this one because it was 2 Thorax's at once, which is pretty darn cool. If you scoff, feel free to try it yourself someday.

SFI Vs Condor
I was in the SFI because we had been chasing a Cynabal around, so I flew it into system and found a Brutix on scan. He docked up before I could catch him and then this Condor undocked, looked at me and then docked up again. I was just about to leave when he undocked and aggro'd me on station! I give Ohm all the credit for having the balls to engage a SFI in a Condor! But, as he admitted afterwards, he didn't expect the Web. And my drone skills are really good.

Condor Vs Algos
Sometimes you are just in the right spot at the right time. I came thru the Gate and this Algos was sitting there. I yellow-boxed him and set up my attack run, fully expecting him to jump away. But he engaged! Well done m8.

Slasher Vs Atron
I had never fought an Atron in my Slasher before and Andracin admitted he was bored, so we decided to have a go at each other. I honestly didn't know what to expect but the little ship performed perfectly and the whole fight came down to me having a MWD and him having an AB. Good fight though.

Firetails and Condors
This one is a bit of a story. I was in my Condor and saw this Firetail on scan. Again, not often you see one of those around so I engaged. I really should have won that fight but I made a critical error and paid the price. So the Firetail went into the next system and my friend Ludicrous Dave was over there in his Jag. I asked him to set up bait and see if the Firetail would engage him, as I went and got my own Firetail. Sure enough he did and he went boom. Nice when the story works out like that.

Ishkur Vs Ishkur
Speaking of Ludicrous Dave. I didn't know him at this point and he was hanging around Hev in an Ishkur. So I docked and got my own Ishkur and went at it. ( I always do actually try to get a "like" ship to engage with if possible btw ) It was a good fight and I learned that he is trying to join the Tuskers and later in the day we worked together to kill that Firetail.

Condor Vs Rifter
This should be a solo kill in my opinion and it is one of the failures in the Eve Kill system that it isn't. I'm honestly not sure why anyone would fly a Rifter these days. I sold all but 2 of mine.

Sac Vs Ferox
Sometimes the kill is more than the killmail. Destroying this Ferox in my Sac wasn't a big deal, but it is the story that makes it memorable. The wreck was about 37k from the station and I decided to dock up before I looted the wreck. I was about halfway between the two and taking Sentry Guns, so quick dock, repair and then go loot the wreck. As I turned toward the station a Rapier appeared next to the wreck and lit a Covert Cyno. I thought about going after the Rapier but the cyno also had me concerned, I thought perhaps 12 Sleath Bombers might appear! They didn't sadly. And the Rapier got away.

Sac Vs Manticore
The strangest things happen to me! I was sitting on station one day in my Sac when this Manticore appeared about 50k off station. He just sat there for a moment so I figured I'd at least start slow boating out to him and see what happened. He started moving towards me. The moment he yellow-boxed me I lit the MWD and plowed forward straight at him! I don't think he expected me to have a MWD or to be so aggressive, but his mistake cost him his ship.

Us Vs Tengu
1.3 Billion. This was the most expensive kill of the month. And a great example of team work. It wasn't a gank despite what it might look like, the pilot was neutral and we played a very delicate game of engagement and points to hold it, keep it interested, and destroying it. Well played by everyone involved.

Sac Vs Sarum Magnate
This was my most expensive solo kill of the month and the kb doesn't show any of it! This was when the kb's were still wonky after Retribution and most of the cargo doesn't show up on BC or Eve Kill, but this thing netted me nearly 500m in profit as it was loaded with holiday goodies and apparel from the Nex Store.

Condor Vs Merlin
My vote for solo frig fight of the month. We both flew extremely well and tried to kill each other as best we could. The fight was epic.

Slicer Vs Atron
I love fast ships and the IN Slicer is one of my favorites.

There are others, the gangs with other Tuskers. Due to the Holidays I was able to fly in a few of those for once. And actually got to fly my Gila for the first time in three years!

This month I registered kills with the following ships:

Imperial Navy Slicer
Republic Fleet Firetail
Stabber Fleet Issue

I also flew about 12 or so other ships that I didn't register kills with.

The Other Side

Wolf Vs Merlin
My worst loss of the month. I love the Wolf but it has a fatal flaw and that is tank. It ain't got none. Came out of the Acceleration gate and landed right smack dab on top of this Merlin. I wuz doomed.

Condor Vs Executioner
There is always a faster ship! This was a close one but remind me to stay away from Executioners in my Condor!

Condor Vs Slasher
What did I just say!?!

Sentinel Vs these guys!
And then sometimes you run up against the perfect ships to kill you and the Gate won't fire and you are stuck so the only choice you have is to fight...

Maller Vs Everyone
And sometimes the FC says align to gate and then he says get back to station and then he says align to gate and you get blobbed in the middle somewhere.

Cyclone Go Boom!
The Cyclone has a decent tank, but against these guys and the station!? Not so much. They didn't like my Maelstorm much though! lolz


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