Tusker FFA: Day After

Six hours of chaos. Over 4,800 ships destroyed. Hundreds and hundreds of free frigates given out constantly. One Thanatos warped to zero. Lots of criminal podding, illegal ships and dozens of rule-benders and out-right breakers. All in all a huge blast of fun, insanity and incredible coordination.

By any measure, yesterday's Tusker Frigate Free For All was a unmitigated success.

The Killboard for the event can be seen here. Kills seem to take their own time posting, I know my own stats are different than what is being shown there. But I suspect they will eventually align with our own Killboard.

First of all I think it is important to recognize just how much time and effort The Tuskers put into getting ready for this event. I wish I knew all of the details so I could publicly recognize each one of my fellow Corp mates, but sadly I do not. I do know that dozens of JF trips to Jita, Dodixie and points in-between were involved. I know that many hundreds and hundreds of Frigates were built, mods transfered, contacts used and hundreds of hours of dedicated effort went into making the event work. Not to mention the Tuskers locked into stations handing out Frigs to hungry PvPers, those that policed the system, and on and on. It was a gargantuan effort and deserving of tremendous thanks and appreciation. Well done mates.

For my part the FFA presents its own unique challenges. I spent the first hours trying hard to get into fights, but generally speaking most of the people I caught out on their own tended to run away. Which I totally understand. Obviously my name is rather well known and causes its own unique challenges to getting good fights in such an environment. I was also the subject of some rather aggressive gank attempts from some of my "friends". I won't mention any names. Many of my fights were ruined once they saw me on grid and ganged up on me, forcing me to disengage or drawing attention that caused me to explode. It would've been easy enough to return the favor, but I don't play that way.

There were also many people exploiting the situation to their own benefit and the Tuskers tried as best that we could to Police those efforts. Reported and confirmed podders were themselves podded. One person in particular was podded at least four times that I know about. Several other groups were acting in unison and were also dealt with. Pretty typical stuff.

Someone warped a Thanny to zero in the first belt and that caused some good old-fashioned chaos. This is when I stopped playing and joined the Police Force in my Lachesis. I jumped in and held point on the Thanny so everyone would have a chance to get in on the kill. Not that he was planning on getting away, but we just wanted to make sure.

After four hours my family had enough and I had to logg off. But all in all I had a great time and ended up about 18 or 20 and 9 on the day, I still think a few kms are missing. But I gave better than I got and had a blast, which is what it was all about.

If you managed to get in on a killmail with my name on it, congratulations. And if you happened to be on the other end of one, good fight.

Till next time.