The Story So Far...

The Story So Far... Cliff Notes Version

Once upon a time a pilot entered space in Todaki determined to be a miner of rocks and stay as far away from Corporations and politics as possible.  On his very first day in deep space someone blew up his ship. This made him very angry and his buddy Angor told him about Corporations and how they was good.

With only a few days of training he joined his first Corporation and flew his itty bitty ship down into deadly zero space.  He was a scared of course.  Wouldn't you be?  But it wasn't long before he learned stuff and with the help of his mates started to get better and get into bigger ships.  These bigger ships still sucked, cause they was Caldari, but things slowly got better.

HIs CEO at the time was a loudmouth and was always getting into trouble with some guy named Seer.  Our pilot wanted to learn more stuffs about shooting things, so Angor and him joined Dusty Death.  These Dusty people knew how to blow stuff up real good and learned our duo some important lessons.  Our duo still sucked ass though and they died A LOT.  Luckily they was in Providence and could often hide in something they called "blobs".  This didn't sit well with our two idiots.  So they left Dusty and went to Low-Sec to start their own Mercenary Corp. Lolz, they had about 4m skillpoints at the time.

This was dumb idea number one.

They went back to Dusty just as someone started stealing stuff from the Corp and it started breaking up.  One of the Dusty members told them to start their own Corp and everyone would come over and join it.  They didn't. That Corp was called Brutal Company, still a great Corp name.

This was dumb idea number two.

They'd had enough of Providence and decided to join the bestest PvP Corp they could find.  Based solely on BC standings.  One day in that Corp was enough to tell them they didn't belong, they knew moar than those people.  And anyway, station campin' ain't pvp. 

That was dumb idea number three.

Rixx went back to Providence and joined a "nice" corp full of nice people.  They wanted to leave Providence and go somewhere even more quiet.  This confused Rixx so he left and joined DION.  They had a cool pilot that often FC'd fleets and he talked funny, so he must be good.  It wasn't long before DION decided to also leave Providence.  Sheesh.  This time though Rixx determined to stick it out and off they went to really, really far away land where Alliances suck ass and there is nothing to do. (Way the frick over on the right edge of the map.)

Meanwhile, Rixx heard that Providence was in trouble.  So he joined SMEGI and went back to help kill reds.  This was good times until the -A- juggernaut came and crushed everyone in D-G.  That was no fun.  This was the first time CVA stuck a knife in my back. Evacuation is no fun neither and people went all wonky for a time.  A few pilots decided to run off to low sec and try to have some fun.  So Rixx went along.  They did have fun but no one had any idea what they was doin'.  (This was my first attempt at being a Pirate I guess.)

So Rixx and Angor joined up with some Cowbell people.  They had some good times but no one was on when they was on and bad guys were really far away.  And they was tired.  So they left for low sec and made some iskies for a few months.  ( This is when we first started Lucifer's Hammer.) Then the radio reported that Providence was in trouble once again!!  So they decided to return and help Paxton kill moar reds.  This was ok for about two weeks and then some idiot blew up some stuff in AY and the reds decided to turn Paxton off.  Those crazy CVA guys again. Two knives in the back!!

Their Corp was awesome, but they moved to a weird place deep in blue territory.  ( Waaaaay the frick up North in Blue Land!) Which was no fun.  Then their old friends in DION told 'em about a kewl Alliance called Primary.  So they went there.  Primary exploded right after they got there.  Not again!

So they flew off to The Spire?!?  Yep and that was really lame-o.  Then (ready?) someone told 'em that Providence...  yeah I know, they never learn do they?

That was fun for about two weeks and then wars started and blammo they had kilt off another Alliance. ( Circle of Two. This is a big story, but I don't feel like telling it again.)

So, what to do now?  I know we can start our own Alliance...

So off they flew to Syndicate and with the blue hand help of FA they formed their own Alliance called Black-Mark. Syndicate was fun and they enjoyed it so much they decided to re-start Lucifer's Hammer and invite other people to fight with them. But Syndicate wasn't always fun and sometimes these sneaky LUCRH pilots would roam into Low-Sec and blow up people. They started to enjoy it. So when DION decided they needed to be even more carebeary than they already was, LUCRH left and joined Rote Kapelle. This was ok and they even spent time down in Curse blowing up moar stuffs. But Rote was a tad serious for these lads, RK was weird about medium neuts being on Vagabonds!?! ( Seriously, that is what it came down to!) So LUCRH left and joined Muppet Ninjas in Ostingele - becoming real, honest Pirates.

We were in Muppet Ninjas for like a day.

So, what to do now? I know, we can start our...

Yep. We went to Lisb and started our own Alliance called BURN AWAY. This went extremely well for awhile and then weird things happened and ( This is where the story gets strange! ) we left and went to Morsus Mihi... down in Fountain?  Ok, I even have a hard time writing that one.

We came back in two weeks, but LUCRH and Burn Away wasn't the same. Every one left and went their own way except for Angor, who stayed in LUCRH.

Rixx joined The Tuskers and decided to stop doing all those really stoopid strange things he'd been doing and actually stay in one place for awhile. Y'know, focus on what he loves, blowing up ships. NOT Moving!!

That was almost a year and a half ago.

The rest you know.