About Yesterday's Post

After 954 posts I've learned that expressing an opinion can be a tricky proposition. One must take care as a blogger for many reasons. The reader may not be aware of the 953 posts you've already written, the ones explaining your love for Eve, your history, accomplishments, background, sense of humor and all the other things that make up the rich tapestry of your on-going attempt to summarize the experience of this crazy ass game.

So when one singular post pops up on EveNews, it isn't surprising that a great many people take it out of context.

Writing 954 posts about a single subject can also get rather boring and repetitive. I strive to write about new things, new perspectives, new subjects and be as entertaining as possible at the same time. Mostly for myself of course, but judging by the numbers, for others as well. It can be difficult at times.

But even then, I am careful about my words.

I would never sink as low as to stand on my soapbox and scream that "Eve is dying!". A careful reading of my post yesterday would clearly indicate that indeed I feel the opposite. Eve is better now than it has ever been before. And yet...

The underlying conceit is one that should concern us all in my humble opinion. A simple conceit based on a trend, not just based on my own perspective, but the perspectives of many, many others. And one clear underlying question - "What if". What if enough people stopped engaging.

It could happen. This isn't hyperbolic or baseless. And it points to concerns that arise from many corners of the Eve universe. From Null, to WH, to Low and beyond. Others are asking the same question in their own unique way, but the basis of that concern is what I expressed yesterday. What if.

You don't write 954 posts about Eve if you don't love the game.

But it isn't a blind love. It never has been. And I am concerned for it. Of course, individual concerns come and go. Solo is dead. The Drake sucks. Goons are taking over. Whatever the specific concern is comes and goes with time. Granted. But, again, what if.

I don't care about people engaging me in space. Those are just examples. Mostly given for the sake of humor and to illustrate a point. People still engage or I trick them into engaging or I catch them or whatever else it takes to force my hand. But avoidance is another issue. And the thought occurred to me, what if enough of us simply stopped engaging?

If that happens. If enough people do seek to avoid conflict. The Null blocks, the power blocks, the industrials, the builders, the PvPers, if enough of these people seek avoidance... then I do indeed worry about my Eve.

Tomorrow we talk about DeathRace. Back to the positive.