DeathRace Advice

So many people are asking me for advice on the race this Saturday that I thought it might just be easier to write some of them down in a post.

The biggest thing, in my humble opinion, is to be patient. It might seem like the smartest move to race out to an early lead and warp ahead of everyone. Fit up your ship with a bunch of Nanos and Overdrive Injectors and be the fastest of the bunch. And while that might get you ahead, it might not let you win.

Remember there are three planned "stop-overs" along the way. At each of these I have something very special planned for our racers. This special project or task has to be completed before the next destination will be given out in fleet. Every task varies, some are dangerous and some just take time, but each one may or may not favor the leaders.

It is a "Death" race as well, so remember that everyone behind you will want you dead and exploded. Demonstrate a significant speed advantage and you may find yourself the target of an organized gank. I don't know this for certain, but I suspect several groups will be racing in their own self-interest, if you know what I mean. Friends racing with friends, Corps with Corps and so on. So they may have a reason to pop your fast little un-tanked frigate.

My advice is to be fast and deadly.

Planning is going extremely well and more donations are coming in. CCP was kind enough to drop off 3x 50 day time cards so those have been added to the prize pile. And I've been in talks with several other entities about some of the "surprises" along the way.

If anyone else is interested in donating a prize please contact me as soon as possible. There isn't a cut-off really, but the sooner the better. Mostly from a recognition stand-point, I just want to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

Also thanks to everyone cross-posting the news about this event. It is much appreciated.

Tomorrow I have a special in-blog betting pool going up, so be on the look out for that tomorrow.

Racers, start your engines!


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