Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Let's review the storied and messy history of our friendly neighborhood pirate.

Rixx is born in Todaki. Immediately some people convo him and accuse him of being overly dramatic. He decides that he'll just go solo and stay out of politics and Corporate shenanigans. LOL.

Two weeks that lasted. He joins a mixed Corp of vets and young players that quickly move to Providence. This PvP thing is pretty fun, so he joins a Corp better known for PvP just as all the good PvP'ers in that Corp decide to leave. This becomes a rather predictable recurring theme.

Bad decision. With less than 10m sp under his belt he and Angor Mau decide to start their own Merc Corp and take on War Decs for cash. You can probably imagine how well that went.

So they return to the previous PvP Corporation just as things start to get interesting. Rixx starts to get involved in the LFA Alliance. Rumors begin in Corp and our dynamic duo decide to start their own Corp. It is a real mess and lasts about two weeks.

So this time they pick a highly rated PvP Corp up in hi-sec to join. This is a really bad idea and lasts for only a single day.

Rixx returns to a quiet Corp in Providence to mind his own business. The Corp decides to move to the ass-end of the universe. Rixx decides to stay in Provi and joins another Corporation called Dissonance. This is probably the first good decision of his career so far. Great guys, still are.

This is where things get confusing in hindsight. Lots of wars, moving across the galaxy, starting new Alliances, trying to find a home and boom we are suddenly at the start of this blog. This involved two wars in Providence, betrayal from CVA ( twice! ), an invasion as part of Circle of Two, time in NPC space, the founding of another Alliance in Syndicate and then the bright idea to, yet again, start a new Corporation.

Whew. And we're just up to when I started writing this blog.

Since then? Well you should know the rest faithful readers. Lucifer's Hammer grew and flew all over the universe raising Hell. First joining Rote and then Muppet Ninjas for a day, then founding our own Alliance. Just as things were going pretty well for once, I had to essentially take a Summer off and things went down the toilet. This involved a strange decision to join Morsus Mihi for a couple of weeks. It was a confusing time. I freely admit that.

In the midst of that chaos, I decided to join the Tuskers. I was in that Corp for over a year and a half, the longest I have ever been anywhere.

I've been rather busy the last five years.

Right now I'm just going to chill for a few weeks in Hevrice and the surrounding area. I honestly don't have any plans for once. I will be considering my options, but I am not going to rush into anything this time.

Part of that is logistical. I sold my Archon to a Tusker simply because I honestly thought I'd never need it again. I can get another one, but with 120+ ships, most of them fitted, the problem goes a tad deeper. So maybe I'll be thinning the hanger a bit over the next fews weeks. Which is always fun.

As the great George Harrison said, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da".  Life moves on.

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