Fun with Titles

In less than two weeks more than 50 pilots have taken the jump and joined our new Corporation Stay Frosty. And more are on their way.

Our casual solo and small gang world isn't for everyone of course, but for those that stick it out it will be a lot of adventure, excitement and fun down the road.

One way I've found to encourage that sort of attitude is by giving everyone a title. A title I make up for them on the spur of the moment when they join. These titles change as they go along, but its a good way to engender the appropriate attitude I think. And not take ourselves too seriously.

Here are the 50 odd founding members of Stay Frosty and their silly titles, as of today.

Abellona - Remarkably Bad
AgroC Acrag - Me Fly Ship Gud
Akirra Menelaos - Director of Small Mining Ops
Angelina Molou - SPAI!!!
Angor Mau - Without Pants
Artful foxex - Sweet Georgia Brown
Au Mai - Au Mai Pain
Bloody James - On The Rocks
Cellethen - Smooth Lovin'
chixnobears - No One Messes with Chixnobears!
Ciba Lexlulu - Max Payne
Crash69 - Bandicoot
DarkCaveman - Zug Zug
Death ToU - But Not Death Fingou
Draiv Solregard - Drain Bramaged
Dredastttarm - Warp to Zero
Ecksor - They mostly come at night...mostly
Fail2comply - Sweet Mother of God
Fraustii - No Deals
Han Taris - Solo? Han?
Inanna Kuvakei - Fearless and Fierce
Indiana Drake - Raider of the Lost Battlecruiser
Jamie Bauer - Badass Autopiloting Bait Cyno Fitted Vexor
Jason Groff - Out for the Long Weekend
Jian Muad'Dib - The Spice Must Flow
Joffy Aulx-Gao - Not The King of Westeros!
John Wildcat - Go Kentucky!
John Wyvern - A Capital Guy
Jokus Balim - He is No Jokus!
Kelleris - Hells Bells
Link0n - Plenty of Gas
Lohdi - Full of Something
Marc Scaurus - The Other Blogger
Matthias Aaron - I know nothing
Mattias Kerensky - Angry Mongolian
Min Gi - Max Fun!
Min Hevn - Serious, Oh So Serious
Moortis Primus - Number One Moortis!
Nakamura Shuji - Last Man
Ned Jordan - No One Important
Posiedan - Upside Down
Ramdar Chinken - TheDeadly Fierce Chinken
Rixx Javix - User of Bad Ammo
Rocko Alcatraz - The Rock
Sagitta Vulpecula - Italian Desert
Serg russoturisto - Big Floppy
Slepnir Krath - Waiting for Buff
Soro Harbon - Just Happy to See Me?
Spectre3353 - Only His Shadow Knows
sumlovinclut - Destroyer of Own Ships
Thelandira - Dan't Taze Me Bro!
Toritetsu Morimoto - From out of the Sun
Tristan McCloud - Of the Clan McCloud
Uncle Olacar - Uncle of Famed Pirate Rodney Olacar
Ximen Mercurius - No Vacancy in the Danger Room

Just so you know, we will be leaving OPEN Recruitment on permanently. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy for doing that, but what they don't realize is that I am crazy. Certifiable. looney.

More tomorrow. Welcome Aboard the crazy train everyone.


  1. Comedy gold. ._.

  2. Dinsdale PirannhaMay 26, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    I would suggest you scale back the loosy goosy attitude.
    It appears to me you are trying too hard to have fun.

    Sort of like when some guy gets dumped by his long time girl and immediately goes crazy on the dating and partying scene.

    Just relax, firm up your new corp, and let things come as naturally as they can within the confines of Eve.

    1. I appreciate your concern and your analogy, but nothing could be further from the truth. I've started and ran four corporations before Stay Frosty. I thought about this corp for a long time, probably since Lucifer's Hammer closed for business. It would be easy to misunderstand the intention and meaning of "fun". It doesn't translate as wanton disregard for the realities of Eve. It is purely an attitude represented in how I've chosen to build a quality pirate group that people WANT to be a part of. Personally I believe that it is going to be extremely successful.

  3. This really is just general advice and im only giving it once, because it is to my own disadvantage.

    Move out of hevrice.

    Now dont misunderstand,i dont actually want you gone (id much rather have you stay tbh), farming your corp is way to much fun but i really dont think your corp will stay healthy in any way if you choose to stay, the local competition is just to strong. Your corp members will just get farmerd till they lose all fun in small scale/solo pvp, nothing is fun in continuesly dieing to others without getting any real kills.

    I can see this going two ways, one is ecm and blobs all the time (its already starting) the other is quttting, neither of these are good options. I get why you as a person dont want to move (all your stuff is in hev and you have been in the area for a very long time), but setting up a noob corp where we live is just plain stupid.

    Move out, look for your own system, costolle, lisbataine or adirain or even a bit further out are all valid options for your corp to move while still sharing the main hunting grounds, but dont make your corp live in hev or you will ruin it.

    If you do, i will be happy and wish you all the best off luck, if you dont i will be equally happy and will continue with easy mode instant pvp.


    1. Wolf - I'm going to reserve my own comments for now. The way I run Stay Frosty is the polar opposite of the way Tuskers is run, so I've opened your suggestion to discussion amongst my pilots. We'll see what they have to say about it.

  4. I may just have to put an application in to Stay Frosty. W0lf is practically guaranteeing a gf. Sweet! :)


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