On Staying Frosty

Art by Sergey Samuilov
I considered photoshopping Rixx's head into that piece of art, but it is just perfect the way it is.

Stay Frosty. [ST-FR] is a new pirate corporation and we are currently accepting applications from all corners during our 30 day OPEN recruitment. You can join the EVEOGANDA in-game channel to talk to us.

But why would you?

You shouldn't.

Pirating is hard, lonely and extremely dangerous. Everyone hates you and wants to see you fail. The only people you can count on are also scum-sucking pirates. You can't go into "decent" space, not with that criminal label on your passport. So you have to rely on others to bring you the things you need, or work your ass off to bring your Security Status up enough to do so yourself. You probably have a Bounty on your head. You probably have very little money in the bank because you spend it all on ships that are only going to explode eventually. And your dog died.

Being a pirate sucks. It ain't worth it really. Best to hide in a large fleet and add your .05% dps to the primary. Again and again. Who wants to rely on themselves and a small group of dedicated killers, thieves and malcontents?

You'd have to be crazy.

I must be. Especially to do this all over again. Angor and I started Lucifer's Hammer alone down in Syndicate almost three years ago. In less than six months we had 30+ members and three other Corporations in our Alliance. And now, here we go again. Heck, back then it wasn't even going to be a "pirate" corporation! I had positive sec status back then! But we kept having roams into Low-Sec and enjoying ourselves. The bug bit and bit hard. And while I'd always flirted around with the pirating life from time to time, I finally gave in and haven't turned back since.

If you are still reading this then maybe that spark exists down in your soul as well. Or maybe it has been burning there all along, for years. Or its been trampled by one bad experience or another. Let me spell it out for you.

Stay Frosty is not a response to anything that has happened before. It is what is happening now. Casual solo and small-gang pirating without pressure, dictatorial rules and regulations, without blues and without stoopid childish lectures, CTAs, and demands to "be on comms!!". You want to be on comms? Great. You want to fly around in silence? Great. You want to type? Great. ( Seriously, I think comms are the best way of course, but really? BC in Belt 5.1 Go. Is really 90% of what we have to say. That and gtfo! )

The Corporate hanger is stocked with Frigates. We honor 1v1s and Ransoms. (And we believe our Corp mates FIRST, no matter what.) The proof is in space, the rest is bullshit. We undock, we play, we fight and we laugh at our enemies as their ships explode. And we laugh when ours explode. We laugh a lot.

Because this is a internet spaceship game.

Why would you join? Because you've been smiling to yourself while reading this.

Stay Frosty.


  1. "Why would you join? Because you've been smiling to yourself while reading this.
    Stay Frosty."

    Best ending.. EvEr. If I wasn't happy in SYJ I swear I believe I would be convoing you Rixx... Good Luck and Keep the Freak Flags flying brosef!!

  2. Well now I know where to go if I ever return to EVE :)

  3. What timezone do you generally roll in?

    1. Generally I cross EU and US, but my playtime is all over the place. We have Directors already in place for EU/early US and late US/AUZ

  4. I look forward to seeing more targets in Hev :)

  5. I just might have a reason to resub now. I've tried high-sec corps that dock up at the mere THREAT of a wardec. I've tried nullsec play in the "doughnut", but found the sov lifestyle boring. Maybe this is the niche that will bring EVE fully to life for me...


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